Machine Embroidery Design Luxury Monogram Blank

The Machine Embroidery Design Luxury Monogram Blank is bright and attractive. The frame for a monogram in this style will be a remarkable stamp on home or branded textiles. This monogram frame embroidery design is especially interesting for hotels, restaurants, enterprises where textiles are used. Towels, napkins and tablecloths with a brand embroidered logo will do a wonderful interior design. In small rooms they can decorate curtains or fabric blinds. The interior of the room will quickly transform and will not require large investments.

First, the Machine Embroidery Design Luxury Monogram Blank allows you to make small changes in the color scheme. If you want to add your corporate color to the frame, replace one of the design colors. The same approach can be used for home textiles. Moreover, if you are attracted to the shape, but the color does not fit, you can make the frame monotonous. Luxurious classic weave pattern will still remain attractive.

Machine Embroidery Design Luxury Monogram Blank


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Second, the luxury embroidered monogram has 2 sizes for the convenience of its placement on various objects. Bigger things will require a larger size and the monogram frame embroidery designs can be not only in the center. For smaller objects – pillows, napkins, small panels – you will need a smaller design. In this case, it must be placed exactly in the middle. In addition, the frame requires only a vertical position, since its upper part has a small crown.

Eight different colors of Madeira Classic thread are necessary for the work on the design. As you can see from the pictures of a detailed use of colors, there is not much of some required. For example, you can use for No 4 and 6 the lefts from your previous designs for this embroidery. Of course, any needlewoman will be able to choose your favorite color scheme. When you make textiles for an establishment, do not forget to take into account the size of the monogram. It should not fill the most of the blank.

Otherwise, such embroidery will not look like a measured and thoughtful decoration. Remember that you need measures in everything. In addition, you should be accurate in picking the letters fonts for the monogram frame embroidery designs. You can easily find this addition in the relevant section of our website.

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Date: 01.03.2016