Velvet embroidery handling

Velvet embroidery handling

Velvet embroidery handling

Work with such a lush fabric as velvet creates gorgeous outcomes. Due to the delicate nature of the textile it could be ruined during the process, affecting the look of the whole piece. If handled with attention to some details, velvet will gratefully acknowledge your endeavor by awarding you with a perfect master work.

Avoid unnecessary pressure

Hooping leaves marks on the material, specifically with velvet of higher nap. Stabilizer should not be pressed by the hoop. The necessary grip on the fabric could be provided by temporary adhesives or pins.

The right stabilizer is of great help

Cut-aways suit better this relatively stretchy fabric because of their firm support. Toppings must be used in order to mediate the strain of the hoop. It also will prevent thread plunging in soft surface of the fabric. Water soluble ones are preferred.

Design and embroidery process itself

As for the nature of the pattern: delicate open-work might get thinned by the texture of velvet, so chose accordingly. Upon completing the work take special care in removing the topping. Never use water, for it could distress the fabric. Clear it away with hands, and in minute corners – with embroidery scissors. Back side of the sewn design needs little larger boarders of the stabilizer to encircle it. At least ½” of the backing should remain along the edges of the design. An unused needle will do better job with projects, covering velvet.

Velvet embroidery handling

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