Users’ Agreement

On this page you will find all the needed information on the regulations of your use of our site ( In order to eliminate any possible ambiguities, please note the following references:

Visitor – a person, entering the site ( without any intention of putting an actual Order.

User – an individual who has read, understood and accepted present terms and conditions and is about to put an Order with the Online store

Buyer – a User who has placed an Order in the Online store

Royal Present Embroidery – Royal Present Embroidery SIA, Priedaines iela 13 – 5, Rīga,
Postal Code LV-1029, Registration Number 50203240321

Seller – Royal Present Embroidery SIA, whose merchandise – Goods, being listed at the Online store

Online store – Internet site, property of Royal Present Embroidery, which is located at As stated above, the Online store offers Goods, sold by the Seller, with all terms regarding payment, delivery of Goods to the Buyer being specifically described and explained in special sections of the site.

Internet site

Seller’s information – section of the Internet site, where all the information on terms and conditions of use, as well as payment and delivery of Goods to the Buyer, is listed. Seller’s information is available at the link, given at the page with the Goods description, under the “Yes, I want it” button.

Goods – a digital file/program for embroidery machines which are being sold on the Internet site.

Order – an application for receiving paid Goods, submitted by the Buyer in compliance with terms and conditions of Internet site use. Due to the digital nature of Goods, email address must be stated for the Order to be delivered to the Buyer.


1 – Seller offers Goods only through the Online Store on Internet site

2 – When placing an Order, User agrees with the terms listed below (further referred to as Service conditions).  Use of this site implies User’s agreement to all terms and conditions (further referred to as Agreement/Public offer), stated by the Seller. Otherwise, any cooperation from the Seller’s part is terminated. User, in this case, has to leave immediately.

3 – Present Service conditions, as well as information on Goods, provided by the Internet site, is a public offer in accordance with Code of EU

4 – Seller reserves the right to change any part of the Agreement, without prior notice to User/Buyer. New Agreement will come into force after expiration of a 10(ten)-day period of its posting on the Internet site, unless specifically provided otherwise by the present Agreement.

5 – Present Agreement is accepted by User/Buyer when they make registration on the Internet site. Herby, accepting the Agreement, Visitor/User/Buyer acknowledges that the contact information, entered upon registration (e-mail, phone number etc.) could be used by the Seller for:

– Fulfillment of the Seller’s obligations to Visitor/User/Buyer;

– Newsletter and upcoming sales, promotions and discount information, as well as any other mailing concerning cooperation between Seller and Visitor/User/Buyer.

6 – Seller and Buyer enter into a contract of sale only after the former provides to the latter documents on fully paid payment for the Goods.

Subject of the Agreement

1 – The Agreement addresses provision of Goods, listed in catalogues of the Online shop located at, to any Buyer for personal use.

2 – The subject of the Agreement is a non-transferable, non-inclusive right to use Goods, purchased from the Online store. It means that Buyer cannot re-sell under any conditions the digital material, purchased on Any alternations to the purchased material with the help of external digital programs are deemed violation of the Seller’s copyright. Distribution of such “tempered Goods” under any other official name is also violation of the Seller’s copyright.

3 – Subject of the Agreement conditions are valid for all types of Goods/programs, sold on for as long as they are listed on catalogs of the Online shop.

Registration rules

1 – Registration is obligatory for proper placement of the Order.

2 – To register on the Internet site use a pop-up window with “Registration” sign.

3 – Royal Present Embroidery is not accountable for validity of information Visitor/User/Buyer submit during registration.

4 – User agrees not to share the account details (log-in password etc) with anyone. In case of detection of any suspicious use of the User’s account from third parties, User should immediately notify management of the Internet site by sending an e-mail with all regarding details on [email protected]

5 – Communication between Visitor/User/Buyer and the Seller should be in framework of mutual respect and common courtesy rules. Any use of profanity, impudence, threatening, abusive language and other forms of disrespect is strictly prohibited for both sides.

Information regarding the Goods and placement of the Order

1 – Information, accompanying the Goods description, is of an attributive character and should not be taken as definitive one. To avoid any possible misunderstandings Visitor/User/Buyer should check with the Customer Service when ambiguities or any other questions occur. Same holds for photos and pictures, accompanying the Goods description. As they bear only illustrative character, the actual look of the Goods might differ from the depiction.

2 – Information on the Goods and other types of Services, given on the Internet site is updated every 30 minutes. It is responsibility of the Visitor/User/Buyer to keep up with the updates.

3 – Buyer should provide all the information, needed for the proper execution of the Seller’s obligations towards the Buyer, correctly. Seller is not accountable for any mistakes on the side of the Buyer, hindering the execution of Seller’s obligations.

4 – After the Order registration on the Internet site, the Buyer receives confirming notification on the e-mail, provided by the Buyer during the sing-up. Dates of the Goods delivery could be changed unilaterally, if the reasons for it are deemed to be objective by the Seller.

Goods delivery

1 – Delivery methods are described in Terms of Delivery section of the Internet site.

2 – Delays in the delivery could occur due to unforeseen circumstances. In such cases the Seller is not accountable for such delays.

3 – Delivery of the Goods is ALWAYS FREE of charge.

4 – Delivery obligations of the Seller are deemed to be fulfilled, when the purchased by the Buyer Goods are sent on the e-mail, given by the Buyer.


1 – The price for the Goods, which are being sold in the Online shop, is set in Dollar USA.

2 – The price is always provided with the Goods description.

3 – The Seller reserves the right to unilaterally change the price for any of the listed on the Online shop Goods. However, the price of the Goods, which have already been placed in the Order, are not tied to such change.

4 – Payment through Bank Cards: – Authorization of such operations is done by banks only. If banks suspect that the transaction might be fraudulent, they have the right to refuse to carry such operation on.

Return policy

Machine embroidery designs as well as software for embroidery machines are digital programs, which could be copied, reproduced and stored on other types of media. This makes protection of copyright privileges of program designers extremely difficult. For this reason there could be NO RETURNS OF PAYMENTS WHATSOEVER ON THE PURCHASED GOODS. To avoid any possible misunderstanding or other unwanted situation, Buyer is obliged to double-check all the details concerning description and characteristics of the Goods before making the Order. In case of any questions, Buyer should request additional information on the product. This could be done through any of the contacts, available on the Internet site.


Seller is not accountable for the damage of the Goods, caused by its improper use. Common sense should be used when handling the Goods. In order for the design to look good on the finished project, particularities should be observed, including use of proper stabilizers and tension of the fabric check. Besides, one should always test the design on the materials, which they choose.

Privacy Policy

1 – Personal information of User/Buyer is stored and utilized in accordance with the regulation of the Law GDPR

2 – Registration procedure for implies that the User/Buyer provides their name and e-mail address.

3 – When providing their personal information User/Buyer acknowledges and agrees that the Seller can utilize the data for fulfillment of Seller’s obligations towards Visitor/User/Buyer of the Internet site. To such the following are included: Goods and Services promotion of various kinds; delivery service organization, customer satisfaction surveys and other types of communications aiming at improvement of the Internet site operation.

4 – Personal information of Visitor/User/Buyer can be collected through disclosure by the Visitor/User/Buyer themselves (e.g. during registration procedure) or though technology. Utilization of such information may include: collection, storage, systematization, update and display of information. Besides, Visitor/User/Buyer agrees to alternations of the provided information in various ways, its distribution, blocking or complete removal from the Internet site.

5 – The Seller can send informative or promotional messages on Visitor/User/Buyer’s email address, if the latter has willingly and explicitly agreed to such communications by means, which can uniquely identifying their will on the case.

6 – Visitor/User/Buyer can opt out of such communications by sending an email message with the request on [email protected]. Service message, informing on delivery or other statuses regarding the Order are generated automatically and cannot be switched off.

7 – In case Visitor/User/Buyer opts out of providing personal information, their email addresses are removed from the database of the Seller.

8 – Seller is not accountable for the validity of information, provided by Visitor/User/Buyer in public sections of the Internet site.

9 – The Internet site is secured, as far as information transaction concerned, by a new SSL certificate.

Duration of Public offer

Public offer becomes effective with the acceptance of Visitor/User/Buyer and have effect until withdrawal of the acceptance.

Additional Information

1 – Occasionally the Online shop with some/all of its services may be unavailable for the public due to maintenance works. The Technical Service team of the Internet site reserves the right to carry out such maintenance works without previous warning.

2 – In case of any questions or claims from the side of User/Buyer towards the Seller, the former contacts the latter by phone, e-mail or any other suitable means. For convenience of both sides, they agree to firstly attempt to resolve any dispute by negotiation. On unfavorable occasion, the case will be forwarded to the competent judicial authority, in accordance with existing legislation of the EU.

4 – The Court decision on invalidity of some of the statements of the current Agreement is not binding for the rest parts of the Agreement.

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