Types of Machine Embroidery

Types  of Machine Embroidery

The word “embroidery” is now very popular and widely used. In addition, what does this word mean for you? What associations do you have with the mighty and mysterious word “embroidery”? For many modern people, this concept refers to a cute old woman with embroidery hoops in the hands. However, despite the fact that embroidery does have deep roots, it is now very popular. Moreover, it has gone beyond household hobby.

In the modern world, embroidery is popular in many areas, such as:

~ In the model business. Now many fashion houses and famous couturiers represent in their collections items of clothing and accessories, decorated with embroidery.

~ Embroidery for church purposes. Very beautiful look embroidered details for the rite of wedding or baptism.

~ Embroidery of mass clothes. Often factories and other enterprises engaged in sewing clothes use embroidery as a decorative element.

~ Using new techniques in embroidery. The opinion that the embroidery has gone is one completely wrong. After all, it is constantly developing and improving. So, 3-D embroidery is now popular, in which you can achieve bulk effect with a puff and stitch.

As you have already noticed, embroidery is original, useful multifunctional activity. It is widely used even in the most unexpected cases. Now we are going to speak about types of embroidery witch we offer to our customers.

Royal Present offers its customer only designer patterns for embroidery machine, which will help decorate the house, clothes, cafe, restaurant, office, and store.

Very often, we think about how to expand the types of machine embroidery. We develop unique designs and apply technologies that have never been used in machine embroidery. That is why all our embroidery patterns original and delight our customers.

Royal Presert uses the following types of machine embroidery to create its designs:

~ Cutwork or as it also called Richelieu technique.
~ Redwork, Bluework or Blackwork.
~ Shadow Satin stitch.
~ The technique of ancient engraving.
~ 3-D embroidery
~ FSL technique

Richelieu Corner Machine Embroidery Design
Richelieu Corner Machine Embroidery Design

Let us dwell on each of them separately.

The Richelieu technique or Cutwork was named after the great French Cardinal Richelieu. He was famous for his indifferent attitude to embroidered lacy snow-white napkins and tablecloths. The technique has a special technology and its own sequence. Despite this, we managed to transfer this hand embroidery technique to the sphere of machine embroidery. The Cutwork helps to create the effect of “floating embroidery” due to woven strips of threads and making cuts in the right places. In order for embroidery to turn out to be correct and successful, all actions must be consistent and accurate.

Redwork Machine Embroidery Designs St. Valentine´s Angels - 3 sizes
Redwork Machine Embroidery Designs St. Valentine´s Angels – 3 sizes

Techniques Redwork, Bluework, Blackwork is mainly the same technique. The main difference is only the contour of embroidery. Therefore, if you embroider with red thread it is Redwork, blue thread is Bluework, and black is Blackwork respectively. The first was embroidery with a red thread, and the rest of the name, as if its modification.

The Redwork technique has deep roots. It was popular many hundreds of years ago. In those times, uninhibited peasant women tried to decorate their home and embroider ornaments and whole pictures with red threads. That is where the name of technology came from. In the modern world, many needlewomen due to its elegant simplicity and uncomplicated execution love this technique.

Tip: Since this embroidery is simple, it does not require special stabilization. You can use tear-away stabilizer with it. In addition, if you choose a dense fabric, you may not use a stabilizer at all.

Shadow Satin Stitch is one of the most complicated techniques of hand embroidery. Its main feature is the result of the shadow effect. You can achieve it by using stitches of different lengths, as well as a smooth transition of the threads from one color to another. To obtain such a transition, use different tones of the same color.

We are the first who uses the shadow satin stitch in machine embroidery. Caring for our customers, we give them an excellent opportunity to save such expensive free time and spend it with family, friends, and relatives. After all, the resulting machine embroidery will look like a hand-made, simply amazing.

When doing this machine embroidery, do not forget about the correct stabilization. This will help prevent puckering.

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage Christmas bells
Machine Embroidery Design Vintage Christmas bells

Tip: For embroidering such designs on thin fabrics, use a dense cut-away stabilizer, and vice versa, use a tear-away stabilizer to apply embroidery to thick, sturdy fabrics.

The technique in the style of antique engraving is our highlight. It is a masterfully transferred symbolic figure from the past. We advise you to embroider it with black and white colors. This is what contributes to the creation of elegant, mysterious embroidery. This original style of embroidery is so special and original. It has a kind of mysticism and in some cases a special spirituality.

Embroidery in the style of antique engraving is perfect for connoisseurs of art and lovers of the Middle Ages.

Recommendations: an excellent idea will be the placement of such embroidered paintings in a style of antique engraving on the desktop. After all psychologists say that black and white, help to concentrate and tune in to work.

Tip: This simple embroidery stabilizes in the same way as Redwork designs. It is possible to use a tear-away stabilizer or not to use at all for dense tissues.

Applique in machine embroidery is not as complicated as, for example, the shadow satin stitch technique. Its main feature is that all the details of the embroidery consist of individual pieces. You should place them on top of the fabric, and then connect each of them by applying stitches. If you conventionally designate the formula of embroidery applications, it will look like this:

Hoop ~ Embroider outlines ~ Put fabric ~ Lock the contour ~ Cut off excess fabric ~ Embroider.

This technique has its own characteristics that you should pay attention to.

Snow Leopard embroidery design
Snow Leopard embroidery design

FSL lace or freestanding lace in truth is unique and majestic. It will become a bright decoration of any interior, as it looks original and unforgettable. Despite the fact that the technique is not quite simple, the result is fascinating and beautiful.

To perform such embroidery, you should remember a few basic rules:

~ Always use a water-soluble stabilizer (we use to test the designs of Sulky Ultra Solvy or Madeira Avalon Ultra)

You can read more about Madeira stabilizers in our Embroidery library.


~ Embroider with a needle 75/11.
~ The lower thread should be the same color as the upper thread.
~ The polyester threads are the best for such patterns for embroidery machine
~ After embroidery, lace will need to be soaked to remove the remnants of the water-soluble stabilizer.
~ When the lace becomes dry it is necessary to steam off it with an iron, the temperature of which should not exceed 110 degrees.
~ If you want the lace to be soft – good rinse the stabilizer, if on the contrary, you need a “standing” tight lace – rinse the stabilizer not to the end.

If you follow all these rules of doing FSL embroidery, it will be an easy and understandable process.

FSL Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Star Napkin Ring
FSL Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Star Napkin Ring

3-D embroidery from Royal Present is special and unique. Despite the fact that the volumetric embroidery was popular in the old days, now it has not lost its popularity. Therefore, in the old days, for this purpose, people put a cloth. Then they sew all details, so that the embroidery seemed convex. It is clear that in machine embroidery you cannot put a fabric.

Now it is easier, many manufacturers use a special foam. With its help, the embroidery turns out to be voluminous. However, it is not cheap, and not everyone has the opportunity to buy it. Royal Present uses a specially designed technique that allows our customers to embroider 3D designs without expensive foam.

In addition to the mentioned techniques, we stand out for another unique feature. Some of our designs combine different kinds of types of machine embroidery. It is new, popular, original and unforgettable.

As you can see, we are constantly developing, improving and trying to surprise our customers. After all, we must say that every customer`s opinion is important for us. Our author’s designs of machine embroidery will strike anyone on the spot.

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