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Machine embroidery designs, as well as software for embroidery machines, are digital programs, which could be copied, reproduced and stored on other types of media.

This makes the protection of copyright privileges of program designers extremely difficult, and some individuals with dubious moral code might try to copy and store the design elsewhere, deceitfully demanding the return of payment for the supposedly damaged goods.

For this reason, there could be NO RETURNS OF PAYMENTS WHATSOEVER ON THE PURCHASED GOODS. To avoid any possible misunderstanding or other unwanted situation, the Buyer is obliged to double-check all the details concerning the description and characteristics of the Goods before making the Order. In case of any questions, the Buyer should request additional information on the product. This could be done through any of the contacts, available on the Internet site.

In case some of the designs lack in sizes or formats that the Buyer might want, the Buyer can try to convert the design with a digital converter program. Such programs usually come with the embroidery machine software set.

Sometimes, when converting a machine embroidery design from its original format to a different one, some inaccuracies might occur. Should you come across such a “defective” design, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will try to fix the problem, caused by the conversion, and will send a perfectly converted design in the shortest time possible.

Royal Present Embroidery offers free support and back-up of every design, purchased from its online shop. You may also like in the hoop Machine Embroidery Designs

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In the hoop Machine Embroidery Designs

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