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New Machine Embroidery Designs

Christmas tree Embroidery Design

The Christmas Tree machine embroidery design will serve you for years. This embroidered picture will demand time for work, but the result will surpass all expectations. The multi-color beautiful fir-t...

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Ornate Orange machine embroidery design

What do you love most about the summer? Is it the warmth of the weather, which allows lightness of soul to soar high to the skies? Maybe it’s marvelous abundance of sweet golden love, shared...

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Ornate Mango machine embroidery design

Ornate Mango machine embroidery design is not just beautiful image of fruit. The tasty and fragrant fruit bears in itself the mystery and appeal which was put in it by the nature. Mango is co...

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Ornate Garnet machine embroidery design

The Ornate Garnet machine embroidery design is the novelty of our collection. 10 542 stitches create this graceful picture of the eastern fruit. The gifts with an image of pomegranate wish we...

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Onion machine embroidery design

The Onion machine embroidery design will remain in memory of those who will see it for a long time. Where can you apply it? First of all, this pattern can become an emblem of a vegetarian res...

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Border Machine Embroidery Design Roses

The Border machine embroidery Design Roses is also applicable for decoration of the whole surface of a thing. It is possible to arrange it vertically and horizontally, and also to fill a cert...

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