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Royal Present Embroidery

New Machine Embroidery Designs

Royal monogram frame Embroidery design

This magnificent and colorful design is perfect for monogram on terry towels or other products with pile. Such an embroidered towel with a monogram can be used not only as an item of daily ho...

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Machine Embroidery Design White Daisies

Today, disputes around embroidered clothes do not stop. Does it have a place in a person’s daily life or can it only be used to demonstrate on the podium? We can say with confidence that yes,...

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Machine Embroidery Designs Green tea

How about a cup of tea? It’s almost impossible to refuse such an offer! This is a great excuse to get your mind off business and have a good time. A cup of fragrant tea may be calming or ener...

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Horseshoe machine embroidery design

Have you ever think about what does the symbol “Horseshoe” mean? The horseshoe is essentially a curved iron plate in the shape of a horse hoof, which is hung over the windows and door to prot...

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