Free Bargello Machine Embroidery Design

Do you know such a word as a bargello? Bargello is not only one of the oldest buildings in Florence, but also a special old Florentine embroidery technique. Ornaments, executed in this style, are amazing with their simplicity and at the same time unusual. This Florentine embroidery is considered one of the brightest in the world.

The spread and popularity of such embroidery began in Italy in Florence, although with some legends, this technique was brought from Hungary. In the Renaissance, court ladies especially often turned to bargello when they were decorating their interior.

Although this technique soon lost its popularity, it is now a really fresh and original move in design. This is easily explained by the universal nature of the image, which can be used to decorate a variety of objects.

Modify simple pillows and bedspreads, using for their decoration Free Bargello Machine Embroidery Design. Place this ornament on a tablecloth or napkins. Breathe new life into simple towels. Bargello will fit perfectly into the interior of any room.

Free Bargello Machine Embroidery Design

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The size: 92.6×121.6 mm (3.65×4.79 “), Stitches: 21717,
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .dat, .exp, .vp3, art

You cannot ignore the using of this technique in creating accessories. You can become a happy owner of a stylish and unusual handbag or purse, which will be on par with design. That’s only designer gizmos will act you yourself, which will only give it a creativity.

Try adding Free Bargello Machine Embroidery Design to your outfits, and you will be surprised at how much clothing can change. A cardigan or a sweatshirt, trousers or even a scarf, anything will gain elegance and grace thanks to this bewitching pattern.

If in your surrounding there are real aesthetes and lovers of unique things, then such a design is ideal for them. Demonstrate your exquisite taste and make it pleasant to your loved ones or acquaintances by giving them a present with such an interesting element.

Bargello’s unmistakable technique combines beauty and accuracy, which attracts even the most demanding connoisseurs. This machine embroidery looks very impressive and can be used in many cases. Unleash your creativity and create something incredible, thanks to this stunning design.

The Free Bargello Machine Embroidery Design showcases vibrant, wave-like patterns, adding dynamic style and sophistication to your embroidery projects. Visit our Free Machine Embroidery Designs.

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Date: 13.02.2016