Free Machine Embroidery Design Purple Roses

The amazing gift has appeared in our collection. The Free machine embroidery design Purple Roses is offered to our customers. This refined and noble drawing is full of symbolical meanings. It will become a worthy ornament not only for table textiles. The rose is the “queen of flowers”. In symbolics it amazingly unites two opposite […]

Machine Embroidery Design White chrysanthemums

This amazing machine embroidery design White Chrysanthemums will help to make things very refined. A variety of sizes allow to create beautiful patterns from embroidery design units. You can arrange them in a circle, along the perimeter, vertically and horizontally. Anyway, ancient and beautiful flowers of chrysanthemums will remain in the memory of those who […]

Merry Christmas inscription Machine Embroidery Design

Time of the year when magic is born is bound to have a most wonderful flair. In decoration of interiors and exteriors of our houses, in gift and food, that we make, in the time we spend together and in general atmosphere of the season Christmas makes its glorious magic obvious with utter elegance and […]

30% Off Holiday Sale at Royal Present Embroidery

Dear Fellow Embroiderer, Our Christmas Sale is still on, offering 30% off all the designs in our store. Be sure to take advantage of it before the sale ends! Keycode Z2YXB5JIBQHB is valid through DEC. 17, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. ET, only at A purchase is required to receive 30% discount. Only one keycode can […]

Applique Machine Embroidery Design Scottie Dog

Pay attention to the novelty in the collection of embroideries! Stylish Applique machine embroidery design Scottie Dog will decorate any thing or an object. This design becomes relevant in anticipation of the coming 2018. According to the Chinese horoscope this year will be passing under the sign of the Dog. Eastern wise people recommend enhancing […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Merry Christmas

Good tiding we bring – it’s Christmastime, everybody! Finally all the lights are set and festive illumination turn streets of every town into a shimmering wonderland. Presents are almost all prepared, thank you Santa. Meals are all planned too. What is left? A sweet family time shared between hot chocolate, holiday movies and outside games! […]

Ornate Orange machine embroidery design

What do you love most about the summer? Is it the warmth of the weather, which allows lightness of soul to soar high to the skies? Maybe it’s marvelous abundance of sweet golden love, shared by the sun? Could it be all those nature’s delights, which make life so much more colorful, tasteful and easy? […]

Christmas Lollipops Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Ancient Romans demanded “Bread and circuses!” And the Christmas Lollipops Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes is ready to meet modern requirements “Beauty and sweets!” Christmas and New Year’s holidays symbols – a flower of poinsettia and tasty lollipops are represented here. Poinsettia is often called a Christmas star. Since the 16th century there existed […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design 2018

In anticipation of coming New 2018 year, the embroideries with festive symbolics become the most relevant. You can decorate gifts with them, or the embroidered pictures become an independent original present. We decided to offer a gift to our regular customers, too. We suggest all those who haven’t done it yet, to get Free machine […]

Christmas bells Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

CHRISTMAS BELLS is an enchanting machine embroidery design, ideal for the upcoming holidays. The bell is a well-known symbol of goodness and happiness. It will bring joy to your home and will fill it with the expectation of magic. Use the pattern for textiles in the living room or dining room, for decoration of gifts, or for Christmas costumes. Bright, colorful CHRISTMAS BELLS from Royal Present Embroidery will bring a wonderful mood.

Machine Embroidery Design White Merry Christmas Wreath

Christmas is not only the time to be merry and bright, but also to be musically inspired to create magic. Red holies, reindeer noses and green Christmas trees never miss from the holiday scene. All those ever-present holiday tunes provide tones of inspiration for those who loves reading between the lines. Thus the overwhelming sprees of red and green festive decorations, ornaments and other Christmas related saturnalias.

Ornate Mango machine embroidery design

Ornate Mango machine embroidery design is not just beautiful image of fruit. The tasty and fragrant fruit bears in itself the mystery and appeal which was put in it by the nature. Mango is considered the king of fruit and this exotic native of India and Burma has a symbolical implication. Many east legends and stories are connected with it. A symbol of love and unique taste, it became a favourite fruit for many adults and children. This Asian brother of an apple has a set of medicinal properties and, commonly, in real life doesn’t leave anybody indifferent. Therefore, the embroidery with the image of mango will fill the house with warmth and positive energy.

Machine Embroidery Design White Christmas Wreath

The machine embroidery design White Christmas Wreath for a monogram looks festively and gently. The white, covered with hoarfrost leaflets create Christmas mood. If you pick up beautiful letters for the monogram, then the frame can become a real masterpiece. Executed in white color, it gives special solemnity and can become a beautiful addition not only for house textiles. Such adornment perfectly looks with the emblem of enterprises working in a sphere of rest, entertainment, or in offices. Curtains, table cloths, towels, uniforms and other textile products will become a beautiful emblem of the institution. For small firms such adornment can be executed very quickly and rather inexpensive.

Winter fun quilt blocks embroidery designs

Winter is fun and magical and fairytale motives of winter fun quilt block collection prove this statement with graceful charm. Each of the quilt embroidery designs represents a beloved Christmas motif, legend or character. Santa Clause and his magical helpers in the North Pole make charming company to the enchanted hero of most fascinating Christmas story, the Nutcracker. Christmas Angel sweetens the theme with a holy blessing of caroling tunes.