Machine Embroidery Design Easter Egg monogram frame

When we collect an Easter basket, we try to decorate it somehow, to give this main attribute originality and creativity. In this case, not only ribbons, flowers, but also Easter towels come to our aid. As a rule, such towels are made from simple white cotton cloth. Moreover, embroider on such a fabric is simply […]

Machine Embroidery Design Running Tiger

Many Asian cultures view the tiger as the symbol of courage. Prowling out of a bamboo stand, this tiger is ready to stride onto your jacket back or sweatshirt to show your courage! Machine Embroidery Design Running Tiger is an example of an impressive animalistic picture that will attract admiring glances wherever you place it. […]

Machine Embroidery Design Cute Easter Bunny

Machine Embroidery Design Cute Easter Bunny! combines traditional symbols that are related to the Jesus’ Resurrection celebration. Interestingly, in Europe and America a rabbit and not a chicken is considered a “parent” of multi-colored eggs. The custom spread from Germany, where in pagan times people were especially fond of rabbits as a symbol of fertility […]

Embroidery Design Cute Easter Bunny

What is so attractive in Machine Embroidery Design Cute Easter Bunny carries the basket? What is its strength and significance? Easter is the oldest and most important Christian holiday, which makes it possible to free ourselves from the slavery of sin through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. For believers, this holiday is the […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Little Bunny

Everyone who loves kindness in his soul loves animals. These fluffy lumps win our hearts at first sight. We observe their activity and are moved by their actions. They admire us so much that they occupy quite a lot of space in our life. Animals are often described in fairy tales as characters. They are […]

Free machine embroidery design Turkish Cucumber

Royal Present Embroidery presents one of the most recognizable patterns, which has turned into a spectacular machine embroidery design. You have certainly heard such names as “buta”, “Paisley”, “tear of Allah”, “Persian cypress”, “Indian”, “Eastern”, or Turkish Cucumber. You know, they all refer to the same ornament, reminiscent of a drop, leaf or a nut. […]

Machine Embroidery Design Three Cute Christmas Lambs

The Machine Embroidery Design Three Cute Christmas Lambs is especially relevant for those who were born in a year of the Sheep. Anyway, such cheerful picture can be pleasant also to those who has no connection to this definite year. The mildness, light temper of a sheep always causes warm attitude to it. And such […]

Machine Embroidery Design Graphic pattern for pillow

Machine Embroidery Design Graphic pattern for pillow which opens a huge scope for creativity. A motif like this is sufficient to generate a variety of geometric ornaments. You may embroider squares in a row, place one on top of another, and make up complex compositions. You are free to play with color and texture of […]

Red Hearts Machine Embroidery Designs

A heart with an arrow is a symbol of unexpected and all-consuming love. Like no other, this image shows the deep feeling which it is impossible to resist. Love inspires and makes the world shine with bright colors, but it can be very difficult to share. Red Hearts Machine Embroidery Designs will help you to […]

Applique Machine Embroidery Design Yellow duck in Khokhloma style – 3 sizes

What do you know about Russian traditional craft painting – marvelous Khokhloma? We’re talking about those magnificent red-and-gold flower patterned plates, samovars, matryoshkas and other richly adorned decorative items that one usually sees in films about the Soviets and Russian tsars. Yes, golden, (how Russians endearingly call this craft) Khokhloma is known to the whole […]

Machine Embroidery Design Easter Bunny

Machine embroidery design Easter Bunny will be an excellent option for decorating elements of Easter interior. Cute rabbit with colorful butterflies, is also perfect for decorating children’s things. Therefore, you can easily move away from the Easter theme and use it to decorate a baby blanket, pillow or bump into the crib. Machine Embroidery Design […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Paw Print Appliqué

Our collection has the most original ideas of gifts for regular customers. One of them is this free machine embroidery design Paw Print Applique. In this offer two types of needlework are combined: machine embroidery and production of applique. You have to cut separate elements from fabric, fir or paper and fasten them on material […]

Animals Love Appliqué machine embroidery design

Somewhere in the sunny, stunning wildlife safari, live majestic and royal animals: tigers, lions, panthers. Their beauty, magnificence and grace of movements cause delight. Animals Love Appliqué machine embroidery design For lovers of these royal and mighty animals we created our Animal Love Appliqué Machine Embroidery Design. It is suitable for embroidery on wardrobe items, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage Damask ornament with crown – 2 sizes

This design harmoniously combines royal luxury and simple beauty. An unusual kind of crown, as if hovering over an incredible ornament with monograms – this composition is worthy of attention. Light colors in a pair with intricate patterns radiate refinement and grace and definitely will be able to convey all this to you. Machine Embroidery […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Oriental borders

Machine Embroidery Designs Oriental borders. One of the most popular themes for machine embroidery design is ornament (border). Simple and complex, graphic and floral, spiral and cubic – these are the main favorites for household decorating. Not all of us know the history of ornament, which starts in the times, when people came to the […]

Three Poppies Machine Embroidery Design

An extraordinary natural beauty, which lurks in simplicity, has always been considered wildflowers. At all times they attracted people due to many factors. Beck not only their attractive appearance, but also their useful properties, and symbolism. One of the most mysterious wildflower in all respects is a poppy flower. In ancient times poppies were presented […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Valentines Angels RedWork

The Machine Embroidery Designs Valentines Angels RedWork consists of 4 separate fragments. Angels are embroidered in RedWork style and their execution requires only one color of thread. The picture turns out beautiful, and the time for its creation is very short. The biggest angel appears after 5600 stitches. The smallest one needs 3400 piercings of a […]

Machine Embroidery Design Cute Teddy Bear with heart – 2 sizes

Little lovely bear cub Teddy with a heart is good for decoration of children’s things and clothes. Moreover, the machine embroidery design CuteTeddy Bear with Heart is used for St. Valentine’s Day’s gifts. This cheerful Bear is the embodiment of childhood and love. It is associated with the most warm feelings and memories of carefree […]

Machine Embroidery Designs for St. Valentine’s Day

Every girlfriend wants to give her sweetheart the sweetest and most romantic gift on Valentine’s Day. We all hope for an amazing reaction from our favorite guy in the world… However, it’s not always possible to do – we simply might not have enough money or the circumstances are preventing us from thoroughly preparing our […]