Machine Embroidery Design Graphic pattern for pillow

Machine Embroidery Design Graphic pattern for pillow which opens a huge scope for creativity. A motif like this is sufficient to generate a variety of geometric ornaments. You may embroider squares in a row, place one on top of another, and make up complex compositions. You are free to play with color and texture of embroidery. Be sure, even such a primitive design can easily turn into an intricate decoration.

The square refers to the simplest geometric shapes. It has equal sides, equal diagonals and angles. It’s the perfect rectangle, at least from the point of view of mathematics. However, such a form does not make it ordinary. The square has always attracted people who identified the structure of the universe with it. They saw in it the global unity, because there are 4 directions, 4 seasons, 4 elements. This idea even became the basis of the Earth model adopted in Ancient Mesopotamia and Persia. Yes, they were sure the world was square.

Machine Embroidery Design Graphic pattern for pillow


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The Mayans also thought that the universe had a square shape. They built their cities and temples on this basis. In general, many peoples, long-extinct and living today, perceived the square as the cornerstone. Lots of churches of different religions have the foundation of a rectangle. In Islam, the square well is a symbol of Paradise. In Christianity, the square embodies the earthly life and is common in religious painting. If a person is still alive, the artist draws a square halo over his head.

The most famous rectangle of modernity is, of course, the work of Kazimir Malevich “Black square”. The controversy about it hasn’t subsided for over a hundred years, since it was finished in 1915. Someone thinks this is an outstanding work of art, someone sees a mere quackery. The artist himself sincerely believed that the “Black square” was his best creation. Machine Embroidery Design Graphic pattern for pillow can also be a source of inspiration. Embroider it in black color, and it will look especially expressive against the light background.

Overall, the square symbolizes integrity and stability. A discreet ornament composed of straight, clear lines and right angles, causes a feeling of reliable, unshakable fortitude. Let GRAPHIC PATTERN FOR PILLOW is not one of the patterns for embroidery machines that are naturally breath-taking. But don’t forget, they say that the beauty is in simplicity. Add a bit of imagination, and you will get the embroidery, from which it will be impossible to look away.

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Date: 17.02.2015