Machine Embroidery Design Easter Egg monogram frame

When we collect an Easter basket, we try to decorate it somehow, to give this main attribute originality and creativity. In this case, not only ribbons, flowers, but also Easter towels come to our aid.

As a rule, such towels are made from simple white cotton cloth. Moreover, embroider on such a fabric is simply a pleasure. It does not require special stabilization, distinctive choice of a thread, a needle, or a separate method of hooping. That is why cotton is the most popular base for embroidery.

Still we have some tips for you, how to make an Easter cotton towel with Machine Embroidery Design Easter Egg monogram frame, and how to give it even more originality.

Firstly, because cotton fabric can shrink after the first washing, we recommend wash, dry and iron the towel before embroidering.

Secondly, the Easter embroidery frame on the towel is visible from both sides. Therefore, we recommend using a tear-away stabilizer instead of cut-away, for example, non-adhesive Madeira Cotton Soft and temporary spray adhesive (Gunold KK100). In addition, it is preferable to use the lower thread in the same color as the main thread.

Machine Embroidery Design Easter Egg monogram frame


Letters not included.
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, .sew, .dat, .vp3, xxx

Thirdly, in order make Machine Embroidery Design Easter Egg monogram frame even more luxurious, you can embroider it with polyester gold thread. This is an excellent alternative to the problematic metallic thread. The view is also luxurious, but you will have no problems. In this case, you can use Gingko polyester threads, shades 2716, 2885, 2407 and 6382. As you can see, the manufacturer offers four shades for gold, and you can choose the right one.

IMPORTANT: Machine Embroidery Design Easter Egg monogram frame does not include the monogram itself. To embroider monogram letters, use the embroidery patterns of the alphabet that are built into your embroidery machine.

Fourthly, to make the towel more original, you can decorate embroidered monogram letters with a fabric contour, for example, from the famous German producer Gunold. They are different: with a 3-D effect, with sparkles, and in different colors. We recommend taking the Gold contour. It will perfectly match with the golden polyester thread. In addition, as an option, you can make a letter with thermo-adhesive Swarovski crystals.

Note: If you decide to use Gunold Contour, carefully study the instructions, the application method, and test its compatibility with the cloth on the fabric sample.

In addition, fifthly, so that the fabric does not shrink, it is important to stretch enough the fabric in the embroidery frame and tighten the screw well.

Following these tips, you can easily transfer Easter embroidery frame pattern to the fabric. Successful embroidery!

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Date: 28.02.2015