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Easy Tips to Sell More Embroidery on Etsy

Creating and selling embroidered items can be very rewarding.  This article is a must-read if you possess an embroidery machine and want to make the most out of it by selling your work on Etsy.  Se...

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Forget-me-nots Free Embroidery Design

From methods of beautification of premises, embroidery is extremely popular and elegant. In the past ancient people consider embroidery house ware like charms which protect them from evil spirits. Eleme...

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Set of Classic Machine Embroidery Designs

Every household has or at least should have at least one table-cover, bed linen set and several kinds of towels. According to statistics, these items form an absolute basis for comforts of the house. Mo...

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Machine Embroidery Monogram Fonts

Royal Present Embroidery presents a delightful collection of letters, each of which is made in vintage ornamental style. It’s not just some symbols for writing – they are true masterpieces of decorative...

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Machine Embroidery Design Purple Grapes

Cute machine embroidery design PURPLE GRAPES will give you a sense of the approaching summer with its warm evenings, friendly gatherings in good company, and, of course, the long-awaited fruit and berry...

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Machine Embroidery Design Tropical orchids

Machine Embroidery Design Tropical orchids inspire with their rich colors and create a great summer mood. This amazing machine embroidery design would look fabulous on pale textiles, for example, on whi...

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Machine Embroidery Design Doves

Machine embroidery design DOVES is all tenderness! Two birds are so touching that it’s impossible not to smile looking at them. They set an example of great affection and devotion to each other, and peo...

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Grapes embroidery design

GRAPES EMBROIDERY DESIGN is an elegant decoration for table textiles, suitable for festive serving and every day. Delicious dark berries and bright green leaves will not go unnoticed on white textiles a...

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Machine Embroidery lace design

If ever romantic dreams were to take form of something tangible it could only be one thing – lace. Nothing says romance better than ethereal froth of needle-and-thread whimsy, flourishing on a piece of...

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Machine Embroidery Design Daisies

Adorable Machine Embroidery Design Daisies is ideal for decoration of home textiles, and can perfectly adorn clothes too. Such a pattern will always remind you of warm summer time, rich aroma of meadow...

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Machine Embroidery Design Autumn

The first weeks of autumn are a glorious time, when the air still preserves the remains of summer heat, but nature already begins to dress in gold. The sun shares the last warm rays, and yellow, orange,...

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