Machine embroidery design Eagle and roses – 2 sizes

Glam rock originated in the 70-ies, in the wake of the great popularity of rock music. Now, after almost 50 years, it still hasn’t gone out of fashion. Typical female elements of the style are: a jacket made of thick leather, pumps, flashy accessories and makeup. All this can go together with a playful skirt made of tulle, chiffon dress or a semi-transparent blouse. As for the details and ornaments, they are often spikes, rivets, stripes or themed embroidery.

Herons Machine Embroidery Design

HERONS machine embroidery design looks unusual, but very interesting. It is as though enclosed in an invisible frame, thereby resembles a rare medallion. Calm colors and borrowed from the wild scene make this pattern a versatile decoration for textiles. Such a composition will particularly appeal to those who appreciate the refined elegance of the East.

Machine Embroidery Design Beautiful Australian Bird

When temperature tells us that a season is changed, there’s only one thing on agenda of every self-confessed fashionista. Yes, you guessed right, everyone, who’s into vogue or at least owns a wardrobe thinks of new favored musts. So, what is on the fashion table this time? This season it is all about nature. Flowers […]