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Machine Embroidery Design Cupid little baby

Baby showers, kids’ birthday parties, Christenings, dates, Supernatural binge watching… What do all these things have in common? Right, they’re all “blessed” with angelic presence of some kind or another. …

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Machine Embroidery Design Angel Wings – 4 sizes

With Machine Embroidery Design Angel Wings you yourself can create magnificent adornments for personal attire and smart decorations for your home. Stylized to resemble an exquisite engraving, these downward looking angel wings open in a beautiful array of petite sprucely lined up coverts, outlined by a whimsical frame of dramatic scimitar-shaped feathers, waved as if ready to be spread.

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Machine Embroidery Design Querubin

“Heavenly bodies” at this year’s Met Gala made it loud and clear the angelic trend is and will be “winging” in fashion for long. Having wrapped its wings around ravishing …

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