Custom Digitizing by Royal Present Embroidery

We are happy to announce that we are now offering custom embroidery services for our users so that they can have personalized embroidery designs made to fit their needs. While we have a large embroidery library, often times we get requests from people who are interested in custom digitized patterns. To help make the process […]

Floral Free Machine Embroidery Design

The fiery sea, on which the wind draws scarlet waves – is a truly incredible beauty, a sight that paints the fields of Europe and Asia every year. At all times in different nations this simple, and at the same time, magnificent flower was a multifaceted symbol that could be interpreted differently depending on the […]

Machine Embroidery Design Sunflowers border

The machine embroidery design Sunflowers Border is created by combination of separate fragments. In the file we apply one fragment of this design with its logical joining to the next one. But, there are three possible sizes for exact calculation of a certain length and width of a border. Differences in the sizes are small […]

Machine Embroidery Design Rainbow – 3 sizes

Royal Present Embroidery introduces the wonderful Rainbow for your little Princess! Textiles for girls don’t have to be decorated just with flowers and butterflies. We can borrow many curious ideas from nature and use them in décor. Be sure, they will look no less attractive and interesting. Machine Embroidery Design Rainbow is the best confirmation […]

Machine Embroidery Design The White Rabbit royal trumpeter

Wonderland’s annual Tea Party ball is a venerable tradition, honoring only the most pronounced characters. This year guests of honor will be all the Cottontails, including their cousins: The March Hare, Peter Rabbit, and Easter Bunny and of course White Rabbit. Such fables are adored by kids, because all the favorite fictional heroes are gathered […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Edelweiss

Machine Embroidery Designs Edelweiss simply amazes with its tenderness and magnificence. The beauty and improbability of this embroidery is hidden in its simple and at the same time magnificent combination of shades. White, yellow and green colors make this embroidery versatile and many-sided. Machine Embroidery Designs Edelweiss Hoop size 100×100 mm Formats: . .dst, .pec, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Black Swallow – 2 sizes

Machine Embroidery Design Black Swallow is an example of a very interesting, original decor. You can put it on clothing or use in the interior. The motif will look as great on a woman’s blouse, as on a cushion in the living room. You may also repeat this pattern for embroidery machines multiple times to […]

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage gift box

What makes holidays so special? We are talking not about some particular holiday here. All of them have their own ceremonial theme, but it’s not where you draw the uniting line. What with Christmas, Easter or celebration of birthdays, there is one thing that adds this festive property to any day. What is it? Presents, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage ornamental bow – 2 sizes

When talking about elegance simplicity is the key. This statement was true at the dawn of times and it holds its grounds now. Especially in the realms of décor, fashion and style simplicity is what always will be in demand. May be that’s why the simplest way of decoration will always be the most popular […]

Appliqué Machine Embroidery Design Donkey

The modern creator has plenty to choose from, even when it comes to embroidery. It would seem that there is an embroidery cross and smooth, beads and ribbons. All this is still somewhat similar to each other. But machine embroidery with elements of appliqué really stands out among other types of embroidery. This technique can […]

Under Sea embroidery design

Many people associate the sea with rest, relaxation, beauty. The underwater world hides mystery, feeling of eternity and miracles of the nature. The Under Sea embroidery design will become a reminder about the trip to the sea and a relaxation picture. Besides, this fragment of the underwater kingdom can decorate textiles of a bathroom, bedroom, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Cute penguin with hat and scarf eats an ice cream

Big changes have occurred amidst snowy valleys where penguins live. The Happy Feet movement got so popular, that the Heartsong acquired a cute enrichment of sweet little tap dancing. Baby penguins learn the moves from the moment they hatch. On Christmas Eve the whole colony gathers to watch School Theater, where little penguins sing carols […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Lambs

The Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Lambs consists of three characters. As a result, they can be grouped in one drawing, make a composition of several characters or you can embroider a separate species. Besides, this work is performed only by five colors of thread and allows some of their variations. Nevertheless, the embroidery looks convex […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Angel

Christmastide is time when family traditions are born. Mornings filled with marshmallows and coco sweetness, gingerbread houses decoration, the church… Noel teaches us that “joy to the world” is in small things really. And during Christmas such small things magically become bigger and more wonderful! But who gives ideas for all those beautiful, uniting traditions? […]

Machine Embroidery Design Roses mini

Noble roses are able to set up an atmosphere of refined luxury in any environment. They make you want to admire their exemplary beauty and never look away. But the use of fresh flowers in everyday life is not always convenient, because they are so short-lived. Fortunately, various reproductions of roses are almost as attractive […]

Machine Embroidery Design Baby sheep

Each mother cares for her child and thinks about how to surround him with love and affection. All this is expressed not only through direct actions, but also depends on the interior that the mother creates special for her treasure. You can make minimal efforts, and achieve an incredible result, using the Machine embroidery designs […]

Machine Embroidery Design Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer

Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer, has now become one of Christmas symbols. Though, it has appeared in folklore relatively recently. Its first mention was in 1939, when Robert L. Mai wrote a story in verses about a strange little reindeer. They were printed on the eve of Christmas and became a part of a big company’s […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas tree – 3 sizes

The Machine Embroidery Design Christmas tree will be a nice embroidered picture for the holiday. It can decorate a lot of Christmas and New Year items. This fine tiny tree will look great on napkins and tablecloth, bags for presents, children’s clothes. You may create special embroidered Christmas cards for your dearest. Moreover, if you […]

Machine Embroidery Design Greek Ornament Rosetta

When history meets modern and comfort meets luxury, Greek interior design gets on the stage of interior décor. It seems that lately, this style enjoys a hefty share of international limelight. Everybody wants to get some timeless chic of Greek style in their homes. And for good reason too! Simple but utterly gorgeous, a home […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Emerald Flower

As a bonus a free machine embroidery design Emerald Flower is offered to our regular customers. The originality of the flower drawing allows to interpret it differently. For example, someone sees it as a bouquet of small florets. For others it is one beautiful large flower in emerald leaves’s surrounding. Fans of the flower topic […]

Machine Embroidery Design Yellow Dog

Fortune cookies, firecrackers and red paper lanterns… What else do we know about Chinese New Year celebration? Are you scratching your head now, while meaningfully looking in the boundless beyond? If yes, than you’re missing out of most vivid, sparkling and full of color and fun celebration out there! With their affinity to fireworks, loud […]

Machine Embroidery Design Sweet Dreams, Kitten – 2 sizes

It’s common knowledge that cats are liquids. And there’s plenty of evidence to this fact. Firstly, they have this unique flowing grace, which works even when they sleep. Then, there’s their fascinating ability to take form of an object, which they pick to be sleeping in. Give them a box, a shoe or even a […]