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Pink flowers Machine Embroidery Design

If you are crazy about elegant clothes decorated with embroidery and are in constant search of ideas for T-shirts, dresses, tunics and blouses, this design from our machine embroidery designs for neckli...

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Lips Machine Embroidery Design – 8 sizes

Lips machine embroidery design is one of the most vivid and unusual of our contour machine embroidery patterns. It will become a bright adornment of your wardrobe. Since the design is light and not dens...

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Roses Machine Embroidery Designs Set

We have repeatedly told you that we care about every our client. Moreover, we have proved this to you many times. This time we created two versions of one design. The first design for embroidery on larg...

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Cupcake Embroidery Designs

Embroidery in our lives is becoming more and more popular. We use it in different spheres and manifestations, trying to decorate our house and clothes, create a unique and original style. Practically fo...

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Machine Embroidery Design Border Towel

Embroidery is now very popular and is widely used in various fields of human life. Such popularity is quite predictable. As it is able to decorate anything and give originality. Many women use embroider...

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Seashell embroidery designs

Seashell embroidery designs Each of us has his own special items and words associated with the summer, the hot sun and, of course, the holiday. For someone it is a sweet strawberry and cold lemonade, or...

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Machine Embroidery Design Wildflowers

The Wildflowers machine embroidery design is simple and delicate, blending the contemporary love for wildflowers with exquisite craftsmanship. Whether you choose to adorn your dress, scarf, or room déc...

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