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Embroidery Density, Stitch Count, Size

Consistency: When we talk about consistency of a needlework pattern, we take into account number of stitches and their size on a given stretch of the design. Strictly speaking it is impossible to...

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Computerized Embroidery

Computerized Embroidery (a.k.a. machine embroidery) is a type of embroidery done by special embroidery machines according to a pre-made design in a computer program. Compared to hand embroidery, compu...

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Machine embroidery design Shell

When we go on vacation, we often bring back keepsakes to remind us of our trip. One popular item is a seashell, which can come in various sizes and types of sea creatures. These shells serve as a remin...

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Machine Embroidery Design Summer border

The combination of most recognized wildflowers in Machine Embroidery Design Summer border can color up the place and wake up the summer mood. Fresh vivid colors of embroidery will look great on pastel f...

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Machine Embroidery Design Two Poppies

Machine Embroidery Design Two Poppies on dresses We decided to tell you about machine embroidery on dresses. It will be useful in a different way; whether you will embroider for yourself or for som...

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Machine Embroidery Design Tiger

The machine Embroidery Design Tiger is a popular image for many types of clothes. Besides, this bright and beautiful animal perfectly looks in a room interior. However, the size of this design is small....

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Machine Embroidery Design Frog – 3 sizes

Look how cute this FROG is! Its broad smile will enchant you at first sight and is sure to make you smile in response. The lovely thing is going to look great on contrasting fabric, as shown in the imag...

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