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TAG: Flower machine embroidery designs

Machine Embroidery Design Teacup Peonies

Peonies, magnificent blooms, were once thought to be creations of Selene. The moon goddess, which deemed that only those gorgeous petals were worthy of reflecting her unique silver beauty. Enchanting tr...

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Machine Embroidery Design Field chamomile

  Long time ago, when celestial deities could transcend each other’s realms, the Sun and the Moon often cruised through the vault of heaven together. At those glorious times when both heavenly royalties...

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Red Poppies Machine Embroidery Design

Red Poppies Machine Embroidery Design Vogue is such an ingenious painter, never lacking keenness of vision and new ideas, ready to be poured onto next trendy-to-be textiles and fabrics. But whether sh...

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Machine Embroidery Design Yellow tulips

The Tulip is considered to be one of the main spring flowers. Just as temperature starts to increase and snow begin to melt, they appear in huge variety in the windows of flower shops, declaring the end...

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Machine Embroidery Design Red Poppy

The Machine Embroidery Design Red Poppy is perfect for refining things, outfits and embroidering on household items. These modest flowers can remind you that the simplest things can become the most beau...

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Machine Embroidery Design Sunflowers

When it’s raining outside and every silver lining is washed completely away, then it’s time to create your own sunshine. There’re many ways to enjoy the sun when it’s too shy or moody to lavish us with...

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Irises Machine Embroidery Designs

Some plants are so much to our liking that we willy-nilly distinguish them among others. Although all the flowers can be called beautiful, there are still some that we, for some reason unknown to us, lo...

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Hydrangea Machine Embroidery Design

The Hydrangea Machine Embroidery Design is a single flower of a remarkable plant. As well as in nature, this flower isn’t really widespread in the embroidery. First, in wildlife the hydrangea is rather...

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