Christmas Lollipops Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Ancient Romans demanded “Bread and circuses!” And the Christmas Lollipops Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes is ready to meet modern requirements “Beauty and sweets!” Christmas and New Year’s holidays symbols – a flower of poinsettia and tasty lollipops are represented here. Poinsettia is often called a Christmas star. Since the 16th century there existed […]

Christmas bells Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

CHRISTMAS BELLS is an enchanting machine embroidery design, ideal for the upcoming holidays. The bell is a well-known symbol of goodness and happiness. It will bring joy to your home and will fill it with the expectation of magic. Use the pattern for textiles in the living room or dining room, for decoration of gifts, or for Christmas costumes. Bright, colorful CHRISTMAS BELLS from Royal Present Embroidery will bring a wonderful mood.

Machine Embroidery Design White Christmas Wreath

The machine embroidery design White Christmas Wreath for a monogram looks festively and gently. The white, covered with hoarfrost leaflets create Christmas mood. If you pick up beautiful letters for the monogram, then the frame can become a real masterpiece. Executed in white color, it gives special solemnity and can become a beautiful addition not only for house textiles. Such adornment perfectly looks with the emblem of enterprises working in a sphere of rest, entertainment, or in offices. Curtains, table cloths, towels, uniforms and other textile products will become a beautiful emblem of the institution. For small firms such adornment can be executed very quickly and rather inexpensive.

Machine Embroidery Design Red Poinsettia – 3 sizes

Pay attention to Machine Embroidery Design Red Poinsettia – it is simply perfect for Christmas embellishments! With this decoration you won’t have to worry if you’ve prepared properly for Christmas and New Year. The extraordinary beauty of the pattern, its rich colors and skillful implementation will not leave anyone unmoved.

In The Hoop Machine Embroidery Designs Christmas Cookies

In The Hoop Machine Embroidery Designs Christmas Cookies can be handy in other ways too. Elevate the merry making at your Christmas party providing your guests with gingerbread cookies favors. Use delicious in-the-hoop designs to create beautiful knickknacks for the favor bags. Boost the taste of Christmastime, filling these charming bags with those famous cookies of yours. The idea is perfect for Christmas cookies swap parties too! Little gingerbread charms can become your signature mark, making you gingerbread cookie queen!

Christmas garland Machine Embroidery Design

Textiles, embroidered with white poinsettia garland will gracefully ennoble any rustic or pastoral background. In too modern or minimalistic decors, embroidery, inspired with wintery forest will add a touch of sweet cozy elegance. With Machine embroidery Design Christmas Garland every home can have its own little Christmas star, settled cozily amidst fine greenery of the woods!

Christmas Machine Embroidery Design Dog

Christmas embroidery designs are a great way to embellish home textiles for Christmas and New Year. We appreciate these holidays for the magic feeling, festive events, gifts and the opportunity to spend time with loved ones. At such moments, special decor helps to create the right Christmassy atmosphere. Christmas Machine Embroidery Design Dog is one of those “atmospheric” patterns for embroidery machines.

Machine Embroidery Designs Group of cute penguins – 5 in 1

  Cute penguins is a set of 5 designs for machine embroidery. They are suitable for children and adults with good sense of humor and open nature. “Madagascar is a wonderful region, full of sunshine and bright exotic colors even during December period. The only shadow dimming this paradisial place is that Christmas is devoid […]

Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs New Year Celebration

New Year is fast approaching and we can already smell its unforgettable aromas: freshness of new-fallen snow, needles of the holiday tree and rich and spicy smell of magic… Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs New Year Celebration Royal Present New Year Collection radiates with tenderness of watercolor paints and mysterious glow of this magical holiday. And […]

Machine Embroidery Design Elegant Christmas candle

Machine Embroidery Design Elegant Christmas Candle shows that Noel can shine with style even in small places. Warm and filled with heartfelt emotions, this design will add lovely charm to your home. Tastefully shaped, motif of Christmas candle is an ethereal reminder of tradition, cherished by so many of us.

Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs

People start their preparation for Christmas long before its coming. We want everything finished and done perfectly. But even so, we often forget about some very important things. For example, how to be original and differ from others. Not to buy what the others buy. Not to look like the rest do.

Machine Embroidery Design Сute cat lying on a Christmas ball

Machine Embroidery Design Сute cat lying on a Christmas ball is all kind of hinting that it is time to prepare for the wonderful winter celebration. Perhaps, it is hard to imagine Christmas and New Year without the sparkling lights, wreaths, stockings, carved snowflakes and, unquestionably, a gorgeous Christmas tree, from top to bottom hung […]

Christmas Machine embroidery designs New Year holidays

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Red flowering stars of poinsettias are bursting to life in more and more spots around the town. Beautiful tunes dance in our minds, complemented by the warm spicy smell of Christmas cookies and fresh aroma of pine. It is finally the time, when you can lavish […]