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Machine Embroidery Design Cupid little baby

Baby showers, kids’ birthday parties, Christenings, dates, Supernatural binge watching… What do all these things have in common? Right, they’re all “blessed” with angelic presence of some kind or anothe...

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Machine Embroidery Design Baby Feet

The most beautiful event in the life of every person is the birth of a child. Happy parents do not restrain joyful tears and touching emotions when they first take their baby. A warm little lump causes...

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Gold Crown Machine Embroidery Design

A good baby shower makes the mother-to-be feel that a wonderful fairytale is about to start. A really successful baby shower, however, makes the future mother feel like she’s the queen of the fairytale...

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Machine Embroidery Design Elephants

The elephant is the largest land animal. Different cultures ascribe to him wisdom and kindness. In stories this giant has traditionally acted as a fair ruler of the animal kingdom and a reconciler of c...

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Machine Embroidery Design Cross with bow

For each baby the first significant event after birth is the christening. After a special christening ritual, the baby has his guardian angel, who will protect him from troubles and help at a difficult...

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