Gunold`s snippers

Gunold`s snippers are a multifunctional assistant in the embroidery process. It cut the thread as close to the fabric as needed, and it is suitable for ripping open seams, cutting out small parts, and trimming excess stabilizers. The automatic spring easily returns the snippers to their original position. High-strength steel and ergonomic shape make Gunold Snippers durable and comfortable. They are an ideal solution for all types of embroidery, from home sewing to commercial applications. With Gunold Snippers, you`ll have everything you need to create professional-looking embroideries.


If you're an embroiderer, then you know all about Gunold. They're one of the leading producers of high-quality threads for machine embroidery, scissors of different sizes and for different purposes, stabilizers, and more. They're a company that embroiderers can rely on for top-notch products that will help them create beautiful designs. And what's even better is that Gunold offers great customer service. If you ever have any questions or concerns, they're always happy to help. That's why GUNOLD is a trusted name in the embroidery industry.

Paul Gunold's journey in embroidery started in 1927 when he founded his business in Plauen, Germany. His school friend Max Bredschneider had just invented the first single-head embroidery machine, which was a groundbreaking innovation. Jacquard cards automatically drove the machine, and Paul Gunold saw the potential of this new technology. Together with Max Bredschneider and a machine manufacturer named Würker, they started producing the first embroidery programs. From these humble beginnings, Gunold Worldwide has grown into a leading embroidery machinery and supplies provider. Today, Gunold continues to innovate and offer our customers the latest advances in embroidery technology. Thanks to Paul Gunold's vision and dedication, Gunold became a trusted name in the industry.


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