Little Helpers with Great Effect!

Little Helpers with Great Effect!

To make the embroidery process as convenient as possible, and make the elimination of such problems as thread entanglement, threads nesting, and evaporation of stitches not difficult, it is important to have the necessary tools.

Gunold offers a set of tools for servicing your embroidery machine. The kit includes a sharp knife and a nesting tool or hook tool (a device for removing thread nests).
High-quality steel makes the tools extremely durable, and the comfortable shape makes them practical.


Gunold`s snippers are a multifunctional assistant in the embroidery process. It cut the thread as close to the fabric as needed, and it is suitable for ripping open seams, cutting out small parts, trimming excess stabilizer. The automatic spring easily returns the snippers to their original position.

High-strength steel and ergonomic shape make Gunold Snippers durable and comfortable.

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