Machine Embroidery Design Napoleonic bee Blank Monogram

Bees have always had special, almost sacred semblance about them. Even in the ancient times, a great number of cultures worshiped these peculiar creatures, ascribing to them various magical powers, which then associated them to gods. It was this momentous heritage that a clever and very sophisticated mind of Napoleon Bonaparte used to inspire the […]

Machine Embroidery Design Cute Cartoon Owl

Now that the springtime and summer are finally over, and the magical forest is free from all the ”twitterpated” nonsense, Friend Owl finally gets the chance to dream about beautiful calmness of winter. At least he thought he had a chance… A little sweet owlet, having heard so much about the enchanting and pacifying beauty […]

Machine Embroidery Design Golden spikelets

Tribute to the timeless taste of one of the eminent style icons, Machine Embroidery Design Golden Spikelets allows recreating Chanel’s famous deluxe elegance in interiors of your own homes. Having a deep allegorical meaning, spikelets of wheat meant a great deal to Coco Chanel. Symbols of prosperity, productivity and élan vital itself, for her these sprouting rays of golden light represented blessing from the sky, never ending creativity in her work, which was her whole life indeed.

Machine Embroidery Design Round Rose bush Blank Monogram – 4 sizes

Inspired by flourishing gems of Venice, Machine Embroidery Design Round Rose Bush Blank Monogram invites you to savor romantic flair of spring. Graciously burgeoning in cloistered patios to the chirpings of its feathery friends. The composition of the design itself is an epitome of brilliant freshness and youthfulness of spring.

Machine Embroidery Design Happy Valentines Day – 2 sizes

Machine Embroidery Design Happy Valentine`s Day invites you to celebrate love in the most charming way possible: on a cloud of hearts in the company of one of the cutest cats ever! A romantic and pure aura of this design just warms your heart, erasing all the superficial trimmings of a merely commercial holiday with expected gifts of chocolates and flowers.

Machine Embroidery Design Angel Wings – 4 sizes

With Machine Embroidery Design Angel Wings you yourself can create magnificent adornments for personal attire and smart decorations for your home. Stylized to resemble an exquisite engraving, these downward looking angel wings open in a beautiful array of petite sprucely lined up coverts, outlined by a whimsical frame of dramatic scimitar-shaped feathers, waved as if ready to be spread.

Machine Embroidery Design Cute Teddy Bear with heart on the moon

What other toy, except a soft cushy Teddy Bear, is loved so much it has its own holiday? That is right; on September 9th the whole world celebrates these adorable cuddly cuties! Almost from our first days there is at least one toy bear in our room to be squeezed, hugged and drugged around by […]

Machine Embroidery Design Cute cartoon Owl Girl with headphones and hearts

Have you noticed that music just sounds better, more flavorsome against the dark background of the night sky? It is like the star-studded darkness accents each sound, making it more meaningful, evoking and romantic. Headphones, full of your favorite melodies, and a slice of the lush obsidian sky, seen from the window, seem to make […]

Richelieu Corner Machine Embroidery Design

Inspired by the blooming poppies of Provence, Richelieu Corner Machine Embroidery Design offers a pick into charming scenery of French countryside in May. A tiny garland of lace poppies is an eloquent effigy of springtide efflorescence. Imagine a walk in one of the many Provencal orchards, filled with fragrant clouds of cherry and almond tree blossoms.

Machine Embroidery Design Easter Bunny Richelieu – 3 sizes

Every spring, after nature is freshened up by first warm rains and gentle greenery starts to cover the meadows and parks around our houses, a magical creature hops out of his sleepy burrow to celebrate new season, new colors and new life for everything. On Easter, in his little smart vest and with a basket […]

Machine Embroidery Design Valentine’s Day Lovely Card

Valentine’s Day love card exchange tradition has a more than a half millennia history. Written by both nobles and simple men, those little tokens of romance and affection had various forms. The tradition of sending romantic messages in an elaborate, periphrastic way is as strong today as it was before. Puzzles, chocolates, jewelry, flowers and […]

Machine Embroidery Design Romantic Panda

Who doesn’t love pandas? Big fluffy balls of gentle awkwardness, giant white and black bears never fail to waddle their way into our hearts. In fact we adore them so much, that sometimes call our loved ones “little pandas”, do we not? Of course, the charm of pandas is not of an elegantly amorous character, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Lotus Richelieu corner

At early hours of the morn, the earthy mirrors of the sky give birth to tiny blooming suns, aurous and fragrant, like their magnificent celestial brother. Ethereal magic of lotus flowers is venerated by cultures all over. In their attempt to come closer to the heavenly beauty of lotus, people compose marvelous effigies of the […]

Machine Embroidery Design Lovers Penguins

They say that in order to win the affection of his sweetheart, a penguin presents her with the most beautiful pebble out there. He spares no efforts and time to find the perfect “rock” for his special mate. His entire ardor and love are represented by this stone, so it ought to be impeccable: smooth […]

Machine Embroidery Design Rose Richelieu

An elegant, sublime, intriguingly charming and purely lovely, the beautiful symphony, chanted by roses, seems to be as many faceted as there are petals in the raiment of the flower. Its grace, of regal, truly aristocratic nature, has been praised by kings from the ancient time. Most devoted admirers of this flower were the magnificent […]

Machine Embroidery Design Mushrooms

Is there any more enchanting drawing creation than Disney’s Fantasia?  One of the most adorable moments of the piece is that with little mushrooms dancing. Cute little two-step of these sweet forest cupcakes, framed by the circle of light, never loses its dreamy charm. Inspired by Disney’s wonderful work of animated art, Machine Embroidery Design […]

Machine Embroidery Design Two Cute Owls with heart

Machine Embroidery Design Two Cute Owls with heart is a neat presentation of the “owl” time favorite lovey-dovey theme, transformed by the trendsetting little bird into a more stylish and less run-of-the-mill one.  Adorable quirkiness of these feathered sweeties is highlighted and ever-so-smoothely spiked up by all the swanky attributes of the “in” folks of today.

Free Mushrooms Machine Embroidery Design

Don’t you just love autumn when she only starts to claim her rightful place on the golden throne of seasonal glory?  She doesn’t yet have the austere look, clouded by rainy thoughts of impending surrender of her powers to the stark beauty of the next season. In the beginning of her reign autumn is a […]

Applique embroidery design Snow Leopard – 3 sizes

Big graceful and stylish cat Snow Leopard implements a power, risk, dynamic life concept and sweetness. So, Applique embroidery design Snow Leopard will demonstrate a strong, little bit romantic and tender, always in trend personality of its owner. Mountain cat Snow Leopard is a sweet animal, which plays in a snow, basks in the sun, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Forest Element – 2 sizes

In time of the year, when the sun becomes brave enough to volume up its radiance, gently waking up the sleeping earth, an observant eye can spot true magic gradually revealing itself to the world: the air smells of fresh colors; valleys and hills burst abloom with vibrant effervescence and forests stir with first spurs […]

Machine Embroidery Design Blue Gzhel Easter Egg

What special beauty has the color blue? All oceans, seas and the sky themselves rival for the best raiment of this royal hue. Even humblest of meadow flowers try to dip their petals in this gentle yet stately tone. Cultures all over the world adore and get inspired by this sublime majestic color. Decorating only […]

Annemieke Mein – an artist with a tread

Annemieke Mein – an artist with a tread Today I would like you to meet Annemieke Mein, and Australian embroidery artisan, whose love of her land’s nature inspires her in the wonderful art of depicting real wild life in soft but vivid embrace of embroidery craftsmanship. A big place in her heart is devoted to […]

Machine Embroidery Design Gzhel Easter Egg

Machine Embroidery Design Gzhel Easter Egg, an eye-catching and endearingly charming pattern, oozes tradition and warm amiability. Shapely and graciously rounded, elaborate elements of the motive form an agreeable and winsome sight. Every leaf gently scalloped and curved; every spiraling tendril and arching elaborate frond create a harmonious symphony of festive mirth and elegance. Whimsical […]

Machine Embroidery Design Gzhel Border

There is an enchanted world, where azure vastness of the sky, kissed by gentle mist of pearly clouds and aquamarine scintillation of a gently frothed ocean are intertwined in a beautiful never-ending efflorescent reverie. This mesmerizing, ever-blooming turquoise whirl is a whimsical realm of a beautiful Russian enchantress, the name of which is Gzhel.  Lavish […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Two lovers birds in cages on the branches

So February is here! It is time to sprinkle some extra romance and passion into the enchanting potion of love. Delectable gifts and tokens of affections, flowers and campaign are wonderful and welcome guests on Valentine’s Day. But sadly enough, most of them tend to wither, fade and fizzle out after just a short time. […]

Machine Embroidery Design Happy Owls – 2 sizes

Every person has a moment in his life when he is bored with everything, and he needs something new. In order to refresh your feelings you do not have to throw everything and change cardinally, you do not need to spend a lot of money. It’s enough just to change something around you. You can […]

Machine Embroidery Design Family Owls

We all strive to create the most comfortable atmosphere in our home, so that everyone would feel comfortable and would like to return there. Nothing can cope so much with this business, like things that are filled with your own energy. And this does not mean that you have to create some decor elements from […]

Machine Embroidery Design Blue Gzhel Pattern

Machine Embroidery Design Blue Gzhel Pattern which is going to be a perfect decoration for snow-white textiles. Kits for table serving, bed linen, decorative napkins and cushions will become special and unique with this design. The delightful ornament is borrowed from Russian culture, but its beauty is universal and needs no translation into another language. […]

Machine Embroidery Design Blue Gzhel Corner

One glance at this machine embroidery design is enough to recognize the world-famous Gzhel painting, which is considered a jewel of Russian decorative art. Floral ornament BLUE GZHEL CORNER is designed with stunning detail. Looking at the design you can only wonder at how expressive blue and white palette may be. Traditional Gzhel is a […]

Machine Embroidery Design Blue Gzhel Border

In the ocean of various fashion trends, tides come and go brining new favorites with a remarkable speed. Sometimes it’s even hard to keep track of all of them. There’re, however, some “staple” things, which despite ever-changing fads, stay their solid ground no matter what. Blue-and-white color combination is one of such old-time favorites. In […]

Machine Embroidery Design Rose Richelieu corner – 2 sizes

Machine Embroidery Design Rose Richelieu corner will attract admiring glances, because this intricate embroidery is very beautiful and dignified. The history of “Richelieu” technique goes 5 centuries back and originates in Italy in the era of Renaissance. Lace was so popular among Europeans in the XV–XVII centuries, that this craze was often referred to as […]

Machine Embroidery Design Beautiful orchids – 4 in 1

Gorgeous Machine Embroidery Design Beautiful orchids will decorate home textiles and bring particular charm to the interior. A circle of bright exotic flowers can be used as a frame for lettering or monograms, and each of semicircular branches – as a corner decor. Embroidery will look fantastic on sets for kitchen and dining room, as […]

Machine Embroidery Design Endless orchids

Machine Embroidery Design Endless orchids, which will appeal to admirers of these delightful flowers. They fascinate with their unusual beauty, a bit strange to the inhabitants of temperate climate. Avid growers even say that if you got one orchid, soon you will go for the second. At the mention of orchids most imagine Phalaenopsis, or […]

Machine Embroidery Design Icon Our Lady of Kazan

In the Russian Orthodox tradition, the ICON OUR LADY OF KAZAN is one of the most revered and beloved by people. It is considered miraculous, able to heal illnesses, guard from harm, and even protect the homeland from enemy invaders. Images copied from the icon are often kept at home so that in difficult moments […]

Machine Embroidery Design Icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

In Christian cultures ST. NICHOLAS THE WONDERWORKER is believed to be one of the main guardians of people. He is a heavenly protector of travellers, especially sailors, merchants, repentant convicts, the poor and children. Millions of Christians pray to Saint Nicholas seeking help and finding comfort and hope. The sacred image of the Saint is […]

Machine Embroidery Design Gold Monogram Blank – 2 sizes

How well can you mix and match different decorative styles, when creating a beautiful, harmonious and comfortable interior for your home? Is it easy for you to navigate amidst myriads of techniques and compatibility tricks which have been ruling the designers’ world for centuries? If you don’t have special education in this field, then the […]

Machine Embroidery Design Gold Baroque Monogram Blank – 2 sizes

Once the monogram was a privilege of aristocracy. Today beautifully decorated initial letters of the name are used more as decoration than as a status symbol. You can transfer them to fabric using precise and accurate machine embroidery, and if you want your monogram to be more noticeable, place it in an exquisite frame GOLD […]

Machine Embroidery Design Wedding Doves

This extremely cute Machine Embroidery Design Wedding Doves will be suitable for a wedding celebration. It will add even more festiveness to this long-awaited day. Each couple, preparing for the wedding, carefully thinks through all its elements, even the smallest, such as a cushion for rings and ribbons for glasses. Already for many years the […]