What a marvel Provence is! A true jewel in the floral crown of France, this region captivates with gorgeous sights of blooming nature with its exquisite aromas and fascinating colors. Each season of this flowering land seems to have its own color and fragrance. The bustling queen of summer generously endows Provence with her regal mantle of widely famous lavender fields. Winter, veiling the rest of the world with crystal coldness of silver and pearls, is so partial with this beautiful land that instead of dainty snowflakes lavishes it with golden flakes of gentle mimosas.

In spring, however, Provence gets its most extravagant raiment, with stunning ethereal lace of blooming cherry and almond trees, soldered throughout with breathtakingly elegant rubies of poppies. The lucky ones, who had a chance to admire Provence’s flaming fields of poppies, will cherish the sight in their hearts forever.

Inspired by the blooming poppies of Provence, Richelieu Corner Machine Embroidery Design offers a pick into charming scenery of French countryside in May. A tiny garland of lace poppies is an eloquent effigy of springtide efflorescence. Imagine a walk in one of the many Provencal orchards, filled with fragrant clouds of cherry and almond tree blossoms. White, translucent petals create a beautiful illusion of most exquisite natural openwork.

Richelieu Corner Machine Embroidery Design

Size: 199.6×199.6 mm (7.86×7.86 “), Stitches: 31100
Formats: .pes, .pec, .hus, .vip, .dst, .exp, .sew, .xxx, .dat, .vp3, .jef

There, under the effervescent creamy domes, just few inches above the green carpet of the floor, like vivid fragrant butterflies, gracefully float sumptuous red poppies, kisses of the sun itself. The poppies look vibrant and intense against the delectable filigree of the almond and cherry blossoms. The springtime fairy tale is so enchanting that you want to take the image home. With this design it really is easy to enjoy some Provencal charm in the coziness of your home. Richelieu Corner Machine Embroidery Design on decorative doilies, napkins and table-tops to evoke the fresh, romantic atmosphere of sunny days of French vocations.

Surround yourself with ornamented whiteness of decorative linens, boasting this floral motive to make memories of that sensational scenery burst to life again. A ray of sunlight, lurking through a piece of decorative drapery for your kitchen windows or a curtain on the patio will remind you of its mischievous cousins, back there, in Provence, trying to drench through ambrosial froth of orchard blooms just to take a fleeting kiss from blushing poppies.

Can’t get enough of the radiant charm of the Richelieu poppies? Don’t just marvel at them at home. Take them with you! On a light summer dress or a blouse, these pretty flowers will make a delightful accessory for your sunny season apparel. Add some lively rainbow hues to the traditional fairness of Richelieu embroidery for true summer feel.

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Date: 27.01.2017