Machine Embroidery Designs Young Orangutan monkey Hipster

A lot of colorful trends have been created in our time. Some of them are successful, and some do not look even tasteless. True, popular are only some of them, who have grown fond of people all over the world. For example, it is very popular to see animals that are liked to humans. It […]

Machine embroidery design Crown

Every woman, despite the number of her age, hides a fairytale princess deep inside her heart. This statement always has been true; ever since she was just a little girl. That is why every girl likes to embellish herself with sparkly gems, and maybe once in a while even a crown. Machine embroidery design Crown […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Cardinals in the Snow

These new designs nestle into a tradition of holidays in the country, with peaceful scenes of snowy fields and pine woods framed by beautiful birds and festive greenery. Bring a bit of the country to your holiday! White Christmas is the best because festive days are pampered with snow covering everything outside and huge feathery […]

Machine embroidery design Christmas bear

Window shopping during Christmas time is an enchanting experience. Even brief trips to the office or grocery shops are filled with beautiful displays of most elaborate nativity scenes or gorgeous sleighs, which are ornamented with sparklers, garlands and holies. Contemplation of all the magical details and tiny reflections of Christmas lights make such walks little […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Monogram Blank

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Monogram Blank is a lovely combination of sweet pointy-leaved fronds and an iconic decorative accessory of holiday ornamentations. This dearest mistletoe wreath is a precious image, cherished by all winter holiday lovers. Embroidery of that kind would be admired for its beauty as well as special magical charm of tradition. A […]

Vintage Christmas Machine Embroidery Design with holly berry

On our site you can find a large collection of Christmas patterns. All of them are incredibly beautiful. Each of our works has its own magnificent charm. Yet there is one detail that unites all the elements in this collection. All Christmas designs will add festivities to your interior and inspire you to embody the […]

Vintage Christmas Machine Embroidery Design with holly berry and bell

The North Pole express will soon depart, leaving us with few weeks of preparation for the holiday trip. Ah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Santa and elves… Warm feeling of most glorious kind makes our hearts melt with anticipation of these words, scribbled in the agenda. With them of course come the sweet chores of gifts […]

Machine Embroidery Design Royal ornament

Oriental ornaments excite our minds so much that we dedicate whole books to them. Many masters turn to them to find not only the patterns in the creation of these complex drawings, but also to unravel the symbolism and the secret meaning that is embedded in every curl. There are many opinions about the value […]

Machine Embroidery Design Cutwork Lace Roses

Machine Embroidery Design Cutwork Lace Roses Size: 101.0×298.5 mm (3.98×11.75 “), Stitches: 24418 Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, .sew, .dat, .vp3 You may use the file for personal or commercial use. Please don’t sell or trade the embroidery file.

Gold wedding ornamental rings Machine Embroidery Design

Golden sparkles of champagne, gold wedding rings gleaming on newly-weds’ hands, warm glow of happiness shining through their eyes… A wedding without a couple of gold wedding rings is never complete. The glimmer of rings and brilliance of weddings in general are permeated with radiance of gold for good reason. Not only gold’s the color […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas floral wreath

The tradition to decorate the housing before Christmas appeared long ago in times of primitive people. As soon as they noticed that short winter days began to extend, they wished to celebrate that. They cooked tasty food, lit fire, decorated the walls and entrances to the dwelling. Nowadays, at the eve of New year, each […]

Frame Merry Christmas machine embroidery design

A new design has appeared in the collection of Christmas festive patterns. We offer a graceful Frame Merry Christmas machine embroidery design. Apart from being beautiful, it is also beneficial. First, the offered pattern represents the finished dressing for various linen surfaces for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. Besides a filigree inscription by florid fond […]

Poinsettia Free Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

Poinsettia Free Machine Embroidery Design, executed in the green-red color palette of the Christmas holiday, will perfectly fit into any interior. Let your Poinsettia blossom on napkins, tablecloths, pillows or even bags for gifts. Decorate the interior by embroidering this design on traditional Christmas stockings. Poinsettia Free Machine Embroidery Design Size: 128.2×93.7 mm (5.05×3.69 “), […]

Poinsettias Bouquet Machine Embroidery Design

Christmas magic that lies in this design is great and immense. It will undoubtedly inspire you with the most original ideas on the interior design in the style of Christmas. Use the Poinsettias Bouquet Machine Embroidery Design to feel the Christmas spirit and make the festive interior bright and memorable. Machine Embroidery Design Bouquet of […]

Machine Embroidery Design Merry Christmas – 3 sizes

From the immemorial time, Christmas is one of the most spiritual, bright and warm holidays. At this time, all of us are imbued with some special feeling of caring for our relatives, friends and just acquaintances. We sincerely wish the good to others and hear the same wishes from all sides. The phrase Merry Christmas […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Christmas tree

The free machine embroidery design Christmas Tree, made in golden colors, will become a very original ornament. Such exotic fir-tree can be used as an addition to traditional Christmas gifts or outfits. For example, insert it while making refined sacks for gifts’ packing. But, the elegant Christmas tree in this free machine embroidery design is […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas snowflake

They say that each time of the year is good in its own way, each season has a special beauty. Looking at the Machine Embroidery Design Christmas snowflake, it is easy to believe in this. Yes, we are happy about the arrival of spring, enjoy summer and marvel at the golden beauty of autumn. But […]

Santa Claus Machine Embroidery Designs

Christmas and New Year … For each of us – it’s a special warm and family holidays. And you know where the image of that most famous and kind Santa came from. Let’s plunge a little into history, and will imbue you with that Christmas spirit to tune in to the positive energy of these […]

Bullfinch Machine Embroidery Design

For each of us, Christmas is a special family holiday. This evening we want to get together with the whole family at the festive table. Share new events and important changes. As for us it is very important, we prepare for this holiday responsibly and with all seriousness. We spend many hours choosing a menu, […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Christmas Angels

On Christmas Eve it is worth thinking about many things, about the spiritual component, and about the material. The decoration of your home interior can be attributed to the first and the second aspect, because our internal state directly depends on our environment. Do not forget about the creation of a cozy and festive atmosphere, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Bullfinch with holly – 2 sizes

Have you noticed an unusual bird in winter with a red-orange breast, which was not afraid of the cold and its brightness, was distinguished by the medium of white snow? This bird is called a bullfinch and with its interesting appearance, it attracted and attracts many artists. Bullfinch in their paintings depicted the most famous […]

Free Machine Embroidery Designs Snowflakes

Creating our free machine embroidery designs, we try to make every customer pleasant to us. Agree, it’s nice to receive free patterns for embroidery as a gift. With their help you can create unique embroidery projects. Free Machine Embroidery Designs Snowflakes are no exception. This simple uncomplicated embroidery is just a field for your creativity. […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas decoration – 2 sizes

For many people the fir-tree is associated with approaching of the most favourite New year’s holidays. Its amazing aroma which fills the dwelling at the holiday eve is always kept in mind. The tradition to decorate house with a fir-tree goes back to the past. Our ancestors brought home the forest beauty and decorated it […]