Santa Claus Machine Embroidery Designs

Christmas and New Year … For each of us – it’s a special warm and family holidays. And you know where the image of that most famous and kind Santa came from. Let’s plunge a little into history, and will imbue you with that Christmas spirit to tune in to the positive energy of these Christmas machine embroidery designs.

It was 253 BC. In the city of Myra of Lycia, lived a wealthy ancient man, a bishop who was kind hearted and people called him Saint Nicholas. He helped all those in need and on the night of December 6 he threw coins into the shoes under the door, and put delicious pies on the windows. Sailors, merchants, bakers and prisoners chose him as their patron. Soon the students of the Christian school began to support this tradition and on December 6 to distribute pastries and fruits.

In 1626, in the New World, a frigate arrived from the ships, one of which was the figure of St. Nicholas on the nose. Sailors for $ 24 bought the land from the indigenous people of America – the Indians and called the settlement “New Amsterdam”, now it’s New York, and in the central square they put the figure of St. Nicholas.

Santa Claus Machine Embroidery Designs


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The locals could not pronounce the name of the saint, so they called it “Sinter Klas”, later “Santa Claus. Thus, Saint Nicholas reincarnated in Santo, and on Christmas Eve he began to distribute gifts to homes. Over time, a certain Thomas Nast decided to transform Santa, colorfully decorating his outfit. And already in 1931 the well-known Coca Cola brand launched an advertising campaign where an American artist portrayed a good-natured old man with a white beard in bright red and white clothes with cola in his hands. Since then, this has become the image of Santa Claus.

In Britain it is customary to call the Christmas character “Father Christmas”, although he has nothing to do with Santa, as it is a forest folklore character.

This is such an interesting story. Now let’s go back to our fairy Christmas machine embroidery designs. Santa Claus Machine Embroidery Designs consists of four unique patterns of machine embroidery. On each of them, Santa has his own image. Such a set will be an ideal decoration for your festive decor. You can embroider it not only on decorative festive cushions, but also on chair covers, Christmas socks on the fireplace, napkins and even create a Christmas family look. By the way, such sets of identical clothes for the whole family are very popular now. If you want to please your loved ones on this holiday, give them such original sweaters. On them the Santa Claus Machine Embroidery Designs will look very skillfully.

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Date: 06.11.2015