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Machine Embroidery Design Bull head – 2 sizes

Machine Embroidery Design Bull head

Defiant Machine Embroidery Design Bull head is ideal to adorn men’s clothing. It would look cool as on a light t-shirt, so on a denim jacket. The bull, or buffalo, is an ancient symbol that embodies vitality, strength and male fertility, it is very masculine. It was revered in many cultures and even got a place in the sky as the constellation of Taurus.

The first images of bulls have been found in cave paintings. In those days they seemed extremely powerful animals to men, representing the incarnation of primal forces of nature. It was a trophy impossible to obtain alone. The wild buffalo were ambushed by entire tribes, which prepared dozens of sharp spears for that purpose. To overcome the beast meant not just to provide food for tribesmen, but, more importantly, to earn the glory of an experienced warrior, able to win the fight against superior forces.

In the era of antique civilizations, the bull was considered a symbol of divine power. The peoples living on the territory of modern Europe, Africa and Asia honored gods, which looked like this animal, or had in their appearance its individual features. Thus, the Egyptian fertility deity Apis was pictured as an ox with a solar disk on the head. In Greek mythology, Zeus once turned into a white bull to kidnap beautiful Europa. In the culture of India the bull and the cow have been the main sacred animals since ancient times.

Machine Embroidery Design Bull head

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Very interesting attitude to the bulls is that of the Karamoja people living in Africa, whose main occupation is cattle breeding. Every man, who has reached maturity, chooses an ox to be his totem, call it by his own name, cares and cherishes the animal until death. Going into battle or hunting, the warriors of the tribe shout out the names of their totems to bring luck. Men value them much higher than their wives; after all they have only one bull and many women. The life of such an animal is literally inseparable from the life of its master: in case of death of the man his buffalo totem must follow him and be sacrificed. The loss of the ox is considered a really bad sign.

Machine Embroidery Design Bull head is a pattern for real men, strong and confident. Such machine embroidery will speak for itself, demonstrating to others strong character of its owner and his devotion to his principles. The design is available in two sizes and can be placed on various textiles.

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