Machine Embroidery Design Star of David

Machine Embroidery Design Star of David is not just a beautiful pattern, able to transform the most ordinary thing, but also the ancient symbol, filled with deep meaning. In the modern world it is known as an emblem of the state of Israel, it is even present on the flag of this country. Meanwhile we should not forget that the six-pointed star in its long history was respected as by the Jewish people. So by many other civilizations, extinct and extant.

The STAR OF DAVID represents two triangles of different directions, which are joined together. As a whole they form a right-shaped star, or hexagram. There are many versions about its origins, but most of the legends refer to the glorious king David, who ruled the Kingdom of Israel a thousand years before Christ. It is believed that the emblem of the “Magen David” or “Shield of David” was pictured on the shields of the Royal army. However, many historians question the existence of this ruler, because information about him came to us purely from the Scriptus.

In cultures that are related neither to Judaism nor to Christianity, the hexagram is also one of the most common motifs. For example, in India it is depicted within Lotus and signifies the heart chakra Anahata. It’s the emotional, sensual center in the human body, the place where the “spirit of love” is concentrated. Open Anahata makes a person happy and complete.

Machine Embroidery Design Star of David


Hoop size 200 x 200 mm
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Archaeologists have found fossilized prints of a six-pointed star in almost every corner of the globe. It was known to the ancestors of the inhabitants of Britain, the territory of modern Arab states and Europe. As well as in Mesopotamia and farther to the East. As a Jewish symbol the STAR OF DAVID began to form only in the middle ages when it started to be used in decoration of synagogues.

Most experts agree that hexagram carries a meaning of the combination, merger of two fundamental elements. This can be a symbol of harmony between the masculine and the feminine. Interconnection between the spiritual and the material world, earth and sky, life and death. There is an opinion that the oppositely directed triangles express the aspiration of man to God and God to man.

The Machine Embroidery Design Star of David can play the role of a strong talisman. Which will protect from evil eye, unclean spirits and witchcraft. Even these days the Shield of David is believed to be able to save its owner from supernatural evils and from the real threats to life and health.

Machine Embroidery Design Star of David is adorned with elaborate floral ornament and additional elements. Which smooth out sharp geometric contours of the hexagram and make it look like a flower. This ancient icon can be used not only as a religious symbol. Or a protective amulet, but also as a decoration for various textiles.

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Date: 31.08.2015