Ornate Dragon Fruit machine embroidery design

It is not difficult to guess from the title that this colorful design is included in the collection of our ornamental designs of fruits and vegetables. Its bright, pleasant shades attract our clients. Despite the fact that Dragon fruit is as an exotic fruit and not familiar to everyone, this design can decorate your home interior and your wardrobe.

If you like, original and exclusive prints on your clothes, then the Ornate Dragon Fruit machine embroidery design will be the highlight of your style.

We suggest embroidering this magnificent exotic fruit on pillowcases for restaurant and cafes. You can use for example outdoor fabrics. For example, Sunbrella prod. In addition, a great idea will be to use striped type of fabric for embroidery. Moreover, if you embroider it with a metallized thread, this fruit will look even more interesting and unusual.

Ornate Dragon Fruit machine embroidery design


Size: 64.4×99.2 mm (2.54×3.91 “), Stitches: 9668
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, .sew, .dat, .vp3, xxx

Many, even the most experienced, embroiderers do not like to embroider with metallized threads. Metallic very often breaks, unwinds from the bobbin, and damages the tension regulator of the thread. Therefore, in the embroidered world it is not easy to embroider with the metallic threads.

Nevertheless, we decided to share with you secrets of embroidery metallic thread. After reading them, embroidery with metallic thread will be not a difficult and costly process for you.

So, let us begin.

Firstly, in order to embroider with a metallic, it is necessary to reduce the speed of embroidery and adjust the tension of the upper thread.

Secondly, always use a special mesh and put it on a bobbin. This will help prevent excessive unwinding of the thread.

Thirdly, you can sprinkle the spool with threads with a special silicone grease. Such a lubricant for embroidery threads is available in two types: in the form of a liquid into which the unwrapped thread is to be immersed, and in the form of a glue- spray. For the first type, a special container was invented, something like a cap in medical droppers. Thanks to two special holes, the thread passes into the container, is wetted by silicone and moves forward directly for embroidery. The way of using the second type of lubricant is much simpler. All you need is to remove the cap on the glue spray and spray it onto the spool until it seeps through all the silicone. Only then, use threads for embroidery.

Let us consider some properties of silicone greases for embroidery threads:

~ Applicable in extreme special cases and with special thread types, just for example for metallic.
~ If you apply more silicone to the threads than necessary, stains may appear.
~ This grease is not applicable to all embroidery machines. DO NOT use it for those machines that have computerized thread tension. Used only for machines with a mechanical type of tension. To find out the type of tension, you can take a closer look at the instructions to your machine.

Therefore, before using such a spray, it is best to be acquainted with its instructions. You can find such silicone greases for embroidery threads from manufacturers such as Wellworth or Sprayway. Ask about the availability of such a spray from other manufacturers, on their official website. The using of such a silicone grease for metallic threads helps to prevent them from breaking during embroidery.

Fourthly, use a special needle for the metallic. These are from Madeira, as well as from other popular manufacturers.

Moreover, you can make additional guideways for the thread. Very popular in this case are the big tips from Clover. Through them, the thread goes easily and does not break.

In addition, the process of embroidering with a metallized thread depends on the type of threads you select. Namely, the percentage of metallic in the thread. For example, Madeira produces metallized yarns with no metallic content in their composition. If you cannot embroider with a one type, try another metallic type. Since different types of metallic are combined with different manufacturers of embroidery machines. Find your proper combination and always use only this ONE SUITABLE for your embroidery machine.

Applying these very useful tips will greatly simplify the process of embroidering with a metallic thread.

If you still decide to use the Ornate Dragon Fruit machine embroidery design as a print, be sure to use the template. The template is a printed version of the design in full size with a marked center of embroidery and lines of the direction of the X and Y axes.

The sites that offer designs for machine embroidery do not provide such templates and you have to do it yourself. However, since we love and respect our customers, and understand that for many the process of creating such a template is long and difficult, we provide such a template to each design. All you need is to find it in the information file and make the required number of copies. To create such an embroidered print, place printed patterns on the fabric and transfer all marks to the fabric using an air-erase pen. To embroider each fruit it is necessary separately, observing rules of correct stabilization.

In addition, you can embroider the Ornate Dragon Fruit machine embroidery design on kitchen napkins, covers for cooking books, towels and other small textile kitchen items. Successful embroidery!

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