Machine Embroidery Design Classic ornate decor

The machine embroidery design Classic Ornate Decor can become a part of a set of patterns. Despite all variety of possible positions of an element, only two colors are used in this design. But, if necessary, the embroidery can be executed even in one color. The beauty of the element won’t be lost, as classics always works smoothly. The pattern in Damascus style looks magnificently, richly and combines well with any style.

If you decorate fabrics with a contrast or bright embroidery, you receive very grandiose and bright interior. The embroidery in tone of fabric will make things distinguished and gentle.
As the pattern is intricate and saturated, the décor shouldn’t oversaturate the room. It is enough to embellish 2 couples of teхtile things with machine embroidery design Classic Ornate Decor. For example, cushions and curtains, or a cover on beds and curtains in the bedroom. But, you can independently calculate a quantity of element’s units and place them more densely or occasionally on a fabric.

Anyway, the embroidered pattern will become a worthy addition and decoration of an interior. It perfectly emphasizes furniture in Baroque, modernist or classics styles. According to interior designers, the vegetable pattern is capable to distract attention from problem zones. For example, curtains with a frequent Damask pattern will make old furniture or a room, demanding repair, less noticeable. Knowing this feature of the drawing, you can decorate clothes in the same way.

Machine Embroidery Design Classic ornate decor

Visit-our-online-store Size: 118.6×129.8 mm (4.67×5.11 “), Stitches: 12931
Formats: .dst, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, dat, jef, .vp3, art, vp3, .sew

It is the best to embroider cloth and napkins for celebrations in tone of the ware. In this case, all set for a holiday table will look elegantly and refined. Thus, those who produce ready textiles with an embroidery have to consider primary colors of elegant dinner sets. It will be good to make sets of napkins and cloths in different color scales. The pattern embroidered with golden thread will be the most effective.

But, it is necessary to remember that it shouldn’t be too much of the decor repeated in a certain rhythm. It has to accent, but not to take away all attention. One fragment will be appropriate on napkins. The table cloth can be decorated with a border, or rhythmically repeated pattern on the center. The same approach is used for an embroidery of bed linen.

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Date: 23.07.2015