Machine Embroidery Design Graceful leaves and Flowers Quilt Block

Machine Embroidery Design Graceful leaves and Flowers Quilt Block is an example of machine embroidery design, which at first glance seems ordinary and plain, but when it is finished, it will show its true colors and turn into something magical. The ornament consists of flowers and leaves that are perfectly arranged and don’t overload the pattern. This embroidery can fill the entire product without risking to make it too fanciful or gaudy.

Classic quilt reminds a layer cake. For external layers they use one-piece cloth or patchwork. The filling is made from thick and warm batting or wadding. The front side is usually adorned with applique or embroidery, because it also carries a decorative function. All three layers are bound with knots or special stitches that give a unique touch to such things.

The tradition of decorating quilts with diverse embroidery can be called the modern trend, but the technique of sewing the three layers of fiber together appeared centuries ago. The birthplace of quilted items, mainly clothing, is considered to be China, from where they spread throughout the East, and after the era of the Crusades came to Europe. However its utmost glory quilting acquired among immigrants to the New World.

Machine Embroidery Design Graceful leaves and Flowers Quilt Block


Graceful leaves and flowers make this design a beautiful addition to tote bags, pillow shames, and quilts.

Size: 139.8×139.6 mm (5.50×5.50 “), Stitches: 18566,
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .sew, .exp, .dat, .vp3, art

Layered blankets, brought by the settlers, wore out quickly during the cold American winters and needed constant repair. The lack of tissue forced women to darn them using scraps or small pieces of old clothes. Over time people became so accustomed to patchwork bedcovers, that the variety of colors and textures started to be welcome and even became the reason of rivalry between mistresses. Each one tried to make her work the most beautiful and original.

In the mid-18th century, flower applique gradually replaced patchwork, and a hundred years later so-called “white work” became the most popular. Blankets in this particular technique were made of white cotton fabric, and the only ornamentation was the intricate stitch.

If you are looking for an elegant machine embroidery design for a quilt, which will look great in any interior and will never lose relevance, Machine Embroidery Design Graceful leaves and Flowers Quilt Block is what you need. The pattern can be performed in one color, or in three, according to you wishes. Satin threads will make the ready motif more refined, cotton ones will add the charm of hand embroidery.

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