Cutwork Machine embroidery design Square lace pattern

Shabby chic sweetness, romantic Victorian dreaminess, French country elegance… All these delicate styles would be barren and incomplete without lovely infusions of cutwork embroidery art. Cutwork lace elevates ordinary things making them feel both graceful and sweet. And it adds such a cordial feel to any textile, decorative or not. Here, on Royal Present Embroidery, […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Decorative eggs

We offer our unique Set of Machine Embroidery Designs Decorative eggs for all those who are looking for decorative options for the Easter interior. Tablecloths, table and decorative napkins, Easter towels and home textiles will play with new colorful shades. You can also use a Set of Machine Embroidery Designs Decorative eggs to decorate the […]

Pocket Cat Machine Embroidery Design

We all love cats. Just admit that we do. Secretly or openly, we just can’t resist a smile when we see tiny “balls of fur” doing their little tricks. If we could we would carry them around to coffee shops, pubs, offices, malls – you name it. Wait, why if? Now that designers of Royal […]

Easter eggs Cutwork Machine Embroidery Designs on tulle

Easter eggs Cutwork Machine Embroidery Designs on tulle are a great way to decorate a festive Easter interior. You can, for example, decorate table accessories with these designs, choosing a different color for each egg. So every guest will have their own “Easter mood”. Easter eggs Cutwork Machine Embroidery Designs on tulle Hoop size 100×100 […]

Roses Cutwork Lace machine embroidery designs

Roses Cutwork Lace machine embroidery designs replenished our wonderful collection of lace embroidery. It is very gentle, sensual and romantic. Initially, the Richelieu technique applied only to hand embroidery. Named after the great cardinal, it became a favorite embroidery back in the 15th century. Since then, a lot of time has passed, but this technique […]

Machine Embroidery Design Forest Kingfisher

The Machine Embroidery Design Forest Kingfisher is an amazing picture of a rare machine embroidery style. It is a real work of art and attracts attention at once. The presented in the design Kingfisher looks as alive. The smooth satin stitch embroidery style precisely transfers the plumage of the bird and reminds a hand embroidery. […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design King Crown

This computer embroidery machine design will become a remarkable gift for those who is opening a new enterprise. Especially, if it is connected with a services sector where towels, napkins, cloths and bedding are necessary. Free machine embroidery design King Crown in REDWORK style will help to set your seal on all those things. Such […]

Machine Embroidery Designs King Crowns

What are you thinking about looking on such cute and royal set? Machine embroidery designs King Crowns Set is really amazing. You can decorate a lot of things with it. This crowns set brings you a pleasure while you are embroidering it. Machine Embroidery Designs King Crowns Hoop size 100×100 mm Formats :pes, .pec, .hus, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Religious Cross

“Christ has risen!” In just few weeks these words will be heard in all corners of the world. Warm, inspiring and highly elating, these words hail to the resurrection miracle and true meaning of Easter. It’s these words, and not endearingly sweet colorful confectionary rainbows, that make hearts of those who believe sparkle with joy! […]

Machine Embroidery Design Sweet Pea

Vegetative motifs are one of the most popular in embroidery. There are many variations of such embroidery. However, not all of them look delightful and original. We make our designs with a soul, investing in them love, warmth and tenderness. That is why they are so great and popular. Today we offer to your attention […]

Sweet Pea Free Machine Embroidery Design

For sure there is no person who does not know about peas. This wonderful bean plant we love both fresh and canned. Continually add it to a variety of dishes to improve their taste. In addition, peas are very useful for our body – it enriches it with lots of vitamins and minerals. There are […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Birds and birdhouses

Machine Embroidery Designs Birds and birdhouse are a very cute and romantic combination of four flowering twigs with birds and birdhouses. You can use them to decorate home textiles, rooms and street areas, dining rooms or kitchen accessories, for example, towels. Machine Embroidery Designs Birds and birdhouses Bird 1 Size: 107.2×178.0 mm (4.22×7.01 “), Stitches: […]

Machine Embroidery Design Titmouses

When Victorian refinement meets shabby-chic sentiment delicate fairytale comes to existence. Tune this yesteryear fairytale to the more vivid, modern savoir-faire and you’ll get a magic of a more exquisite style. Designers of Royal Present Embroidery managed to make it happen in Machine Embroidery Design Titmouses. With Easter Howland’s sentimental charm, but a more sleek […]

Machine Embroidery Design Easter

The machine embroidery design Easter is rich with a set of festive symbols. There are only 6 multi-colored threads, but the picture looks bright and lovely. The first spring florets, the opening willow branch, fresh leaves of greens — everything tells you about the beginning of spring. Easter egg and cross are main Easter symbols, […]

Free Border Machine Embroidery Design

There is a new gift on our website for admirers of the goods decorated with embroidery. It is a free machine embroidery border design with flowers. The size of the fragment is 41.6×197.0 mm (1.64×7.76 ″) allows to apply even this single unit. For example, the drawing executed in the proposed color scheme looks perfectly […]

Machine Embroidery Design Easter Religious Cross

They say that it was love, not nails, that held Jesus to the cross. The greatest miracle in our history was made out of this same devotion of Jesus to human race. And since that time till nowadays we keep this very same cross in our hearts as symbol of Heavenly love. Miracle of Easter […]

Machine Embroidery Design Wildflowers

Machine Embroidery Design Wildflowers is simple and tender. It combines the modern fascination with wildflowers with graceful execution. Whether you perform it on your dress, scarf, room decorations — its fineness will attract the eye to the perfection of the item. Nature provides us with blossoming herbs in abundance. They grow without intentional human aid, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Easter chicken with snowdrops

On the eve of Easter, all the housewives are immersed in light festive troubles, which are associated not only with the preparation of a sacred meal, but also with a special decor. The Easter atmosphere can be created in many ways, one of which is the using of machine embroidery on various subjects. Offered Machine […]

Machine Embroidery Design Easter Chicken with forget-me-nots

The machine embroidery design Easter chicken with forget-me-nots is very symbolical. All signs of Easter – a chicken, flowers and an egg have found reflection in the small and lovely design. Cheerfully walking, fluffy yellow chicken looks as real. The lacy egg filled with forget-me-nots creates a full picture of the Easter time. Soft and […]

Machine Embroidery Design Easter Chicken with primrose

They say, that a swallow does not make a summer… Well this saying is about the spring actually. Funny, such confusion came up, don’t you think? It’s like swallows are always three moths too slow. So what should spring do then to get a proper saying for its charm? Well, there’s another adorably pretty little […]

Machine Embroidery Design Easter Chick corner – 2 sizes

Despite the abundance of beautiful embroideries on the website, the Machine Embroidery Design Easter Chick corner will hardly leave someone indifferent. First, this picture will touch all needlewomen and make them get to work at once. Is it possible to miss such an amusing and attractive image? The creative person will see it on some […]

Red Heart Machine Embroidery Design Be my Valentine

The Red Heart machine embroidery design Be My Valentine will become a gift to all loving and loved. A card, a small pillow, a cover can become a basis for such hearts. Their refined form and lacy filling will make things elegant. The lace which slightly reminds the Chinese hieroglyphs will give some mysteriousness and […]

Machine Embroidery Design Easter bouquet

The composition has motifs of Easter, which can be traced in an unusual “vase” for a bouquet – a painted egg. This we understand thanks to a neat shell nearby. In addition, the flowers themselves cast a spring and a light mood. This design is really very nice to watch, because it is very colorful […]

Easter Machine Embroidery Design The Lord is risen

Easter Machine embroidery design the Lord is risen from our Easter themed designs will allow you to create original attributes for celebration. Bags for Easter cake, Easter towels or napkins, tablecloths or table runners will get notes of special festivity. Easter Machine Embroidery Design The Lord is risen Size: 120.8×179.2 mm (4.76×7.06 “), Stitches: 24272 […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Lace ornament

Free Machine Embroidery Design Lace ornament of hearts will become a real gift for our needlewomen. Such pattern will please everybody fond of beautiful patterns for execution of monograms and logos. This refined drawing has almost a square shape and can be arranged in any position. Despite the small sizes, the sphere of its application […]