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TAG: Machine Embroidery Design Easter Religious Cross

Machine Embroidery Design Beige Lace Cross

In many beliefs, the cross carries a sacred meaning. This sign is found in a wide variety of cultures around the world. It can be seen even in Egyptian antiquity, where it was a symbol of life and gods....

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Machine Embroidery Design Jesus Icon

You see here before you JESUS ICON, or more precisely, Christ Pantocrator. It is considered the most important in Orthodox iconography and is revered by millions of believers. The Savior is presented he...

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Machine Embroidery Design Ornate Cross

A child is a gift from God. It comes as a blessing to be cherished, loved, cared for and taught the right ways to. Parents are not the only teachers in this case. In order for a child to bloom into a be...

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Machine Embroidery Design Ornamental Cross

There are holidays, which bring mirth and joy to our minds, making us laugh and have a good time with our family and friends; but, which do not have a special deeper meaning for our souls and our hearts...

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