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Scalloped Grape Border Embroidery Design

Often, when we do something with our own hands, for example, an embroidered tablecloth, a table napkin or a towel, we think about how to design the edge of the product beautifully. With this purpose, we...

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Machine Embroidery Design Purple Grapes

Cute machine embroidery design PURPLE GRAPES will give you a sense of the approaching summer with its warm evenings, friendly gatherings in good company, and, of course, the long-awaited fruit and berry...

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Purple grapes Machine Embroidery Design

Transparent crystals, soldered with playful and effervescent gold, elegant but pungent rubies and mischievous rosé topazes, bring mirth to every celebration in our life.This ambrosial nectar comes from...

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Grapes embroidery design

GRAPES EMBROIDERY DESIGN is an elegant decoration for table textiles, suitable for festive serving and every day. Delicious dark berries and bright green leaves will not go unnoticed on white textiles a...

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Machine Embroidery Design Grapes

Nowadays, grapes are perceived as a rather delicious berry and what wine is made of. In fact, we can call this plant one of mythical because there were rumors and legends from time immemorial. No other...

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