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Dear Fellow Embroiderer, It’s time for our Columbus Day Sale! We are offering 20% off ALL of the designs in our store! This is a great opportunity to buy designs for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and any other projects you are working on. Take 20% off for Order over $30 The sale expires at 11pm EST […]

Christmas in July: 40% off, 3 days ONLY!

Dear Fellow Embroiderer, We’re holding a huge sale for Christmas in July this year! For 3 days only, we are offering 40% off our Christmas embroidery designs! This is a great opportunity to buy some of our designs. This discount will last until 11:59 PM on Sunday, July 15. Shop now before it’s over! Take 40% […]

Rose Free Machine Embroidery Design

Rose Free Machine Embroidery Design first look simple and very elegantly. It combines a beautiful red color and an incredible green tint. Despite its seemingly simplicity, such an embroidery looks just fine. If you are a fan of simple, unpretentious designs, such embroidery will appeal to you. All you have to do is figure out […]

Tear away stabilizers for machine embroidery

You know that the using of stabilizers in machine embroidery is quite important question. All of us are looking for a good high quality stabilizer which helps to make our embroidery process more convenient and simple. So, what is the main purpose of stabilizers? And how can we use it? What is the tearaway stabilizer […]

Gold Royal Crown embroidery design – 3 sizes

So, finally you’ve learned what it is like to be blessed from above… and within too. The nine months are almost over and soon a most wondrous miracle will make your home a happier place. Of course it would cry and make mess and make you exhausted sometimes, but it will worth it all. Till […]

Machine embroidery design Gold Crown

Machine embroidery design Gold Crown by Royal Present Embroidery, looks truly royal and luxurious. It is decorated with rubies and emeralds, even though these “stones” are merely red and green details of the picture. The crown has a simple shape, but an interesting exterior: it resembles carved jewels or fine lace. This pattern for embroidery […]