Happy Easter Egg Machine Embroidery Design

On the eve of one of the most important and bright holidays for Christians, many housewives are really very busy. After all, they need not only to tidy up the house, to perform all ceremonies and traditions, but also to decorate the interior with festive elements. Easter machine embroidery designs will be a key to […]

Forget-me-nots Border Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

The Forget-me-nots Border Machine Embroidery Design is a bright festive pattern. First of all such pattern is relevant for Easter days. During this period the first spring flowers and trees start blossoming. The willow and forget-me-nots are symbolical plant symbols of a sacred holiday. If you start embroidering for Easter in advance, beautiful flowers will […]

Easter set Cross-stitch Embroidery Designs

Easter set Cross-stitch Embroidery Designs is a nice collection of Easter symbols. It contains several cheerful pictures executed in a cross-stitch technology. You can use only a fragment or some of them on one basis. The computer machine embroidery design fully imitates a handwork. This type of embroidery is especially suited for retro, Eco or […]

Easter Duck Machine Embroidery Design

For each of us Easter is a special family holiday. On this day, the whole family gathers at the same table and shares news and impressions that have accumulated over the whole year. What may be nicer? Each housewife prepares for Easter in advance, making up a menu and creating various delicacies. However, no less […]

Blue Easter Duck Machine Embroidery Design

Preparing for the Easter, we try not only to cook favorite dishes, but also to decorate the house with Easter decor. Decoration of the interior for Easter is now very popular and fashionable. To embody this idea, embroidery is ideal. Often, women do not have time to sit for hours near the window and spend […]

Spring Rabbit Embroidery Design

As Easter is around the corner we invite everyone to celebrate it with Royal Present Embroidery and our new Easter bunny designs. Let them hop along your Easter home décor projects and festive baskets fillers to make the holiday season more cheerful, happy and bright. Funny, quirky and sweet or elegant, hip and sophisticated – […]

Forget-me-nots Corner Machine Embroidery Design

This year Easter’s decided to be an early guest, which means that all the preparations should start earlier too. As Royal Present Embroidery is an ever-ready early bird, we’ve already upgraded our collection of Easter themed embroidery patterns with new gorgeous designs. Easter bunnies to make your smile, adorable ducklings and chicks to shower your […]

Red Work Easter Machine Embroidery Designs

For each of us, the Easter holiday is a long-awaited family celebration. On this day, all members of the family traditionally gather at one table. Each of us is preparing for such a religious holiday with special responsibility. Previously, the main element of the Easter holiday was the Easter basket and festive table, but with […]

Daffodils Wreath Machine Embroidery Design

They say spring’s about warmth of the sun and fragrant aromas of the first blooms. Yes, for sure, but there’s so much more to spring than just that. Want to know more about what spring has in store? Go to the newest addition to Royal Present Embroidery catalogues, where wanders of springtime bloom, hop and […]

Bunny Machine Embroidery Design – 4 sizes

For everyone Easter is the family celebration and good opportunity to get together with all family members and spend time. This Easter bunny embroidery design can help you to create the festive atmosphere in your house. It also brings bright colors to your interior. You can embroider it on pillows, embroidery paintings and towels. This […]

Faberge Egg Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Cute Easter Baskets, easy and delicious Easter treats, beautiful Easter centerpieces… If typing those things into your search bar has become part of your daily routine, than Easter season’s almost here. As time flies quickly – what with decoration of eggs, houses and so on, pressure might have already started to tell. But fear not, […]

Easter floral wreath Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

Roses are red, violets are blue and… This little rhyme won’t help you if this Easter you want to make your home look not only pretty but also stylish. As specialists suggest, if you’re at loss about what theme to pick for Easter décor of your home, go for always-elegant white. With lilies of the […]

Easter frame Embroidery Design

Colorful eggs are part and parcel of Easter holiday. Whether given by Easter Bunny, bought or “hatched” in your own kitchen – Easter eggs are what basically Easter is all about. We hide them, we hunt them and we eat them. We decorate with them various centerpieces and wreaths. Celebrate this year’s springtime holiday, giving […]

Spring Willow Egg Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Spring is the time when most interiors and exteriors are flourished with flowers. Since Easter is a springtime holiday, same “fragrant” canon applies with it too. Undoubtedly charming, especially after the long wintery pause, floral infusions, however, might feel a bit too so-to-say expected. If same thought was bothering your inner designer lately, know that […]

Willow monogram frame Machine Embroidery Design

Springtime is a wonderful time! Not only do we finally get to enjoy fresh flowers and vernal blooms, but also make their beautiful visage part of our home decorations. With Easter being the earliest festive occasions of the blooming season, it’s only proper to make first verdancy star in the holiday décor. Celebrate Easter with […]

Cross-stitch Machine Embroidery Designs Easter set

Resurrection cookies, DIY Easter sceneries and little paper angels… These aren’t the only Easter decoration ideas which help kids grasp the true meaning of the religious celebration. Colorful eggs, floral wreaths and even adorable chicks can also be useful when it comes to teaching kids about Easter. Recognizable and genuinely likable these sweet heroes of […]

Easter Machine Embroidery Design Chickens in Pink Egg – 2 sizes

This thematic Easter Machine Embroidery Design Chickens in Pink Egg will be pleasant to everybody. It will impress kids and bring spring mood to the adults. Bright colours of the design can’t but please. The little fluffy chickens, just starting their life out of the egg, symbolize a promising beginning of life. Their gentle-yellow plumage […]

Machine Embroidery Design Faberge Egg – 3 sizes

At the mention of Fabergé name the first thing that comes to mind is a precious egg of extraordinary beauty. Of course, it was not the one, each of them was an example of the highest craftsmanship of jewelry. The entire series consisted of 71 original products, which over a period of about 30 years […]

Chicks machine embroidery design

All believing Christians celebrate the great holiday of Easter. Traditions of the celebration have been preserved since ancient times: Easter cakes, baskets with painted eggs and souvenirs made by own hands. On the day of Easter, people wear new clothes, which symbolizes the onset of spring and the end of bad weather; cover a solemn […]

Machine Embroidery Design Easter egg with forget-me-not – 2 sizes

So, Christmas holidays are long gone and snow has almost disappeared. Christmas trees are carefully packed away along with ornaments, garlands and other holiday decorations. For a DIY devotee this time is such a boring spell, right? Not always and not for everyone. Yes, winter holidays are over. But springtide will soon be upon us […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Easter Dove with egg

The Free Machine Embroidery Design Easter Dove with egg will surprise you and those who see the embroidery. The embroidered picture is filled with positive festive power that it is impossible to remain indifferent. Such design is pleasant not only for a spring holiday of Easter. The lovely dove with flowers can decorate your house […]

Machine Embroidery Design Blue Gzhel Easter Egg

What special beauty has the color blue? All oceans, seas and the sky themselves rival for the best raiment of this royal hue. Even humblest of meadow flowers try to dip their petals in this gentle yet stately tone. Cultures all over the world adore and get inspired by this sublime majestic color. Decorating only […]

Machine Embroidery Design Gzhel Easter Egg

Machine Embroidery Design Gzhel Easter Egg, an eye-catching and endearingly charming pattern, oozes tradition and warm amiability. Shapely and graciously rounded, elaborate elements of the motive form an agreeable and winsome sight. Every leaf gently scalloped and curved; every spiraling tendril and arching elaborate frond create a harmonious symphony of festive mirth and elegance. Whimsical […]

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage Easter egg – 2 sizes

Rejuvenating springtide holidays are usually connected with holy celebration of Easter marvel. During that fresh joyous period people seek light crispness of spring mellowness in the character of their home decoration, which, however would still be exquisite and ample. Machine embroidery design Vintage Easter egg combines every trait listed above, providing extra refinement to textile […]

Machine Embroidery Design Easter egg with floral ornament

Flowers, baskets, chocolates, eggs, jelly beans, peeps… When grocery lists start to sport such interesting entries it could only mean one thing – Easter is finally coming! If you’re worrying that your list’s incomplete, just check if you’ve added Machine Embroidery Design Easter Egg with Floral Ornament. No Easter will be complete without this springtime […]

Machine Embroidery Design Lace Easter egg with lilac and snowdrops

The Easter egg is a mandatory attribute for Easter, which is not only ritual food, but a ritual symbol. The Easter egg is considered a symbol of Sunday and is often depicted in various compositions dedicated to Easter. It will not be superfluous to add to the Easter egg and twigs of lilac. This flower […]

Easter Doves Machine Embroidery Design

This is the most wonderful design that was created specifically for the day of the Easter celebration. The composition is filled with motives of this bright holiday and all its details radiate that warm and pure spirit. Pigeons, which are a symbol of the peace, hold a charming ribbon decorated with flowers that wraps one […]

Machine embroidery design Mallow Easter egg

One of the most important Christian holidays, Easter or the Resurrection of Christ, has always been associated with light, warmth and hope. The process of preparing for this day has already become familiar to us. Carrying out special rituals throughout the Great or Holy Week, under its end, people paint eggs on the Easter table, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Happy Easter Egg – 2 sizes

Colored eggs are rooted so deeply in Easter celebration that we just can’t imagine it without these rainbow drops. It’s like some magical of plant bursts in bloom, lavishing us with colorful eggs every time when spring comes. And owing to this vivid «magic» kids learn and love Easter even more. May be that is […]

Easter Rabbit Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

The glorious day of the Resurrection of Christ is considered the most important in Christian countries. It is accompanied by great joy and celebrated by millions of people. Every nation has their Easter traditions. For instance, in Western Europe and North America there is a belief about the EASTER RABBIT, which brings colored eggs and […]

Machine Embroidery Design Easter bouquet

The composition has motifs of Easter, which can be traced in an unusual “vase” for a bouquet – a painted egg. This we understand thanks to a neat shell nearby. In addition, the flowers themselves cast a spring and a light mood. This design is really very nice to watch, because it is very colorful […]