Husqvarna Hoop Sizes and formats for embroidery

Formats: VP3/VIP/HUS/DST/SHV Husqvarna Hoop Sizes and formats Before we actually speak about Husqvarna hoop sizes and formats for embroidery, let’s speak about the topic in general. Bigger is not always better Experienced embroiderers like to say that there can’t be too many hoops in one’s collection. Why so? Well, because better results come from the […]

Machine Embroidery Design Wonderful Red Rose

A red rose is a timeless symbol of high-class elegance and impeccable style. Romantic, graceful, charming and opulent at the same time, this flower has power to inspire not only florists. Fashion designers, jewelry, perfume and interior decoration artists bow before beauty of wonderful red rose too. Muse, nurtured by Mother Nature herself, a red […]

Brother Hoop Sizes & Formats

Formats: PES Brother Hoop Sizes & Formats Brother Innovis 4000D Extra Large -30cm x 18 cm (approx 12 inches x 7 inches) Large -18cm x 13 cm (approx 7 inches x 5 inches) Medium – 10cm x 10 cm (approx 4 inches x 4 inches) Small – 2cm x 6 cm (approx 1 inch x […]