Insects machine embroidery designs

We often choose clothes, which fits perfectly to the created image. Naturally, this takes a lot of time and effort, because we are trying to find something original and unique in its way.

Our site of machine embroidery offers its customers to decorate clothing with embroidery. First, it is unusual, and there is almost no probability that someone will have the same thing as you. Secondly, you do not need to spend a lot of time, money and energy to buy something interesting. Thirdly, our designs are multifunctional, and, for example, the same design from Insect Designs for Embroidery Machine collection can be embroidered on several things, and this is a significant saving.

Insects Set Machine Embroidery Designs are a collection of several embroidered insects, namely bees, ants, ladybugs, dragonflies, stag beetles, wasps and flies. All of them will be a bright addition to your wardrobe. You can embroider such unusual insects both on original printed T-shirts, and on roll-necks and sweaters. In addition, each embroidery pattern is offered in three sizes. This means that you can embroider a pair dress for yourself and your baby. By the way, such identical outfits for parents and their kids are now in the trend. Furthermore, many celebrities use them. We recommend embroidering these interesting insects on a sweatshirt. Sweatshirt is a popular in our time subject of the wardrobe, and is a free-cut sweater, most often with some images or prints.

Such embroidery will look great on the popular oversize swatch. In combination with dark jeans, narrow cut it will be very appropriate.

Insect machine embroidery designs will become a bright addition to your wardrobe. You may embroider it on original T-shirts with print, roll-neck and sweaters. We recommend embroidering this interesting design on a sweatshirt. Sweatshirt – a popular in our time, the subject of the wardrobe, and is a free-cut sweater, most often with some images or prints.

Embroidery of this design will look great at the popular oversize sweatshirt. With dark jeans, it will look very magnificent.

In order to embroider this design on a sweatshirt you will need:

~ Oversized sweatshirt
~ Cut-away stabilizer
~ Fabric-glue stick
~ Air-erase pen
~ Insect machine embroidery designs
~ Metallic thread

Insects Set Machine Embroidery Designs


An important question in this case is the process of embroidering with a metallic thread. In order to simplify it, put a special net on the reel, which will not allow the thread to unwind from the reel. Use a special needle for metallic threads (Metallic Needle). It differs from a simple embroidery needle in that it has a longer eyelet. This allows the thread to pass freely and not to tear.

There is also convenient alternative. You can use Gutermann Sulky Silver. The using of such thread will not affect the quality of the embroidery, but will be sparing for your embroidery machine. Since many people know that, the teeny-weeny little detail, responsible for tension regulation, suffers from the metallic thread. You can learn more about Gutermann Sulky Silver here.

At the beginning, wash the sweatshirt before embroidery, as it can shrink or shed. Then print out the templates for each insect, containing designs in full size and place them along the fabric in a chaotic manner. Transfer the lines of the marked embroidery centers and the x-axis and y-axis directions.

Turn the product to the wrong side. Take the necessary amount of cut-away stabilizer and spray on its cloth the glue of a temporary fixation (for example, Gunold KK 100). Place the fabric on the stabilizer and wait a few seconds. Repeat these actions for every insect design.

Remember that it is important to spay the glue away from the embroidery machine. Therefore, its micro particles can settle down on details and make their work more difficult. It is also necessary to shake the stick before spraying.

Turn out the sweatshirt on the front side. Hoop the fabric in the embroidery frame, checking that the axes you have marked converge with the marks on the hoops. Place the embroidery frame in the machine and embroider the design. Now reverse the sweatshirt on the wrong side and cut off the excess stabilizer, retreating about 0.3 Inc. from the embroidery. Embroider other insects according to these instructions.

The original, unusual oversized sweatshirt with Insect Designs for Embroidery Machine is ready.

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

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Date: 23.03.2018