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In The Hoop Sleep Mask Raphael


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Superhero embroidery designs present a small collection of sleeping masks for your small hero. Later we will add here some other designs in different techniques, so you can embroider not only sleeping masks but also decorate home and interior items, clothes.

Eye mask will be not only interesting due to its unique embroidered design, but also prevent the eyes of your sun during the sleeping.

3 facts to use sleeping mask both, for children and adults:

First, scientists have proved that the darker in the room, the more productive our sleep. As you understand, the mask for the eyes completely blocks the entry of light.

Secondly, the mask protects the delicate skin under the eyes and helps reduce the friction against the pillow. So, it contributes to a lesser appearance of wrinkles. Agree, this fact is very important for women and for men.

Thirdly, some scientists claim that the mask for the eyes relieves fatigue and stress. And it also reduces the risk of disease.

How to use Superhero embroidery designs and make a sleeping mask?

We prepared some instructions to simplify this process for you.

~ Perform standard manipulations in machine embroidery. That is, stabilization and hooping of the fabric. Then place the hoop in the machine and run the embroidery design.

~ Stop the machine when the last circuit remains. Put ropes for strings where they should be. Top with a cloth. This will be the wrong side of your mask.

~ Turn on the machine and stitch the mask around. After that, gently cut the mask close to the contour.

~ Turn out the mask on the wrong side and sew the hole.

Useful tips:

~ It is better to choose dense black fabric. Since the design is embroidered over the entire area of the fabric.

~ The choice of the stabilizer depends on the type of fabric you take. If you take a rather dense fabric, for example, as furniture fabric, you can use a tear-away stabilizer. If the fabric base is thinner, use cut-away one. Remember that if you take a thick fabric and a dense stabilizer, it will be difficult to turn the product out. Moreover, this is an additional load for the embroidery machine.

Superhero embroidery designs will help you also make exclusive presents for Christmas, Children Protection Day, Birthday. It is also the great option if you do embroidery for orders. It helps you to invite new clients and please them with new interesting ideas.

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