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Gnome Winnie the Pooh machine embroidery design - 4 sizes


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Size: 58.9x98.1mm (2.32x3.86"), Stitches: 14093
Size: 64.8x107.9mm (2.55x4.25"), Stitches: 16337
Size: 71.2x118.5mm (2.80x4.67"), Stitches: 18988
Size: 78.2x130.3mm (3.08x5.13"), Stitches: 21948

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January 1, 2022, marked a new beginning for Winnie the Pooh fans everywhere after works by author A.A. Milne officially entered the public domain. For decades, Disney had exclusive rights to the beloved bear; however, now Winnie the Pooh has been liberated from any restrictions of its adaptation or ownership. This allows creators unprecedented freedom to work with Pooh and create stories using Milne's characters for books, television shows, films, or even art pieces, breathing new creative life into a fictional world that has delighted readers for decades.

We were delighted to create a unique collection of gnomes that took us on a whimsical walk down memory lane! Dressed in their special outfits and inspired by characters from the beloved fairy tale Winnie the Pooh, each was a work of art. The collection combined our love for the timeless storybook and our passion for crafting and creating, making something entirely original we can now treasure forever. These whimsical gnomes serve as a reminder that life is more prosperous with imaginary friends and creative projects!

Once upon a time, a Gnome lived in the garden of an old and wise wizard. He wandered the park daily, looking for new adventures and experiences. One day, while exploring the park, he stumbled across Winnie the Pooh pyjamas hanging on a clothesline. His eyes lit up with delight as he saw them - they were so cute! He knew instantly that these must be his new favourite outfit.

The following day when he awoke, he put on his new Winnie the Pooh pyjamas and went out into the world with excitement and anticipation of what kind of fun this adventure might bring him. Little did our Gnome know that soon all sorts of creatures from the magical forest would come to recognize him as "Winnie The Pooh-Gnome"! Everywhere he went, people stopped to admire how cute and cuddly our little Gnome looked dressed in his bear costume - from birds to squirrels; even other wizards came over to say hello or hug him!

He quickly became one of everyone's favourite characters due to his friendly demeanour and entertaining antics; every creature wanted more time with Winnie The Pooh-Gnome! With each passing day, more people began noticing this unique character until eventually, even King Bear invited Winnie The Pooh-Gnome to attend a royal ball at castle bear palace! Everyone was amazed at how far one tiny Gnome's ambition had taken him; only now could they fully appreciate why such a brave character had been chosen amongst all others within their kingdom.

From then on, life has never been quite the same for our daring little hero as stories about his fantastic journey spread throughout lands near and far away - bringing smiles to faces everywhere along the way :)

Embroidery enthusiasts will love adding the adorable Gnome Winnie the Pooh machine embroidery design to their creations! This bright and cheerful design of Christopher Robin's closest companion is an excellent addition to apparel, linens, or other items. Gnome Winnie Pooh's sweet face will surely bring a smile to any onlooker. Featuring vivid colours well-suited for every fabric type, this machine embroidery design is sure to be a hit – no matter what project it embellishes!

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