Nordic Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Nordic machine embroidery design is a vivid representative of traditional Norwegian folk embroidery. Attractive colors of the sea are the basis for the craft of the Scandinavian people. And it’s not surprising. The sea for Norwegians is very important, even irreplaceable. Norwegian embroidery is very original and has deep roots. It inspired us to create […]

Cross-stitch Machine Embroidery Design Cupid

This magnificent and romantic embroidery will be one of the brightest elements for Valentine’s Day. Pleasant and traditional for this holiday shades will like for everyone. Embroidered items and souvenirs for Valentine’s Day are very popular now. So, the Cross-stitch machine embroidery design Cupid will surely come in handy. Completed in the technique of cross-stitching, […]

Frames for machine embroidery monogram

Berry Monogram Frame Machine Embroidery design – 3 sizes Circle frame machine embroidery will give you the opportunity to create truly unique, personal and individual gizmos. You just have to pay attention to the Frames for machine embroidery monogram collection. After all, here are collected the best compositions that are created for satisfying the aesthetic […]

Christmas Poinsettia Machine Embroidery Design

And what is Christmas for you? Maybe it’s a quiet evening with the family. Or a noisy Christmas party? Or do you prefer to go somewhere on a trip? And there to celebrate this bright holiday? In any case, you cannot do without festive decor. And Christmas Poinsettia Machine embroidery design can certainly help you […]

Polish Roosters border Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

Interior decoration in folk style is very popular now. The most famous interior designers support this trend for several years. Today we want to tell you about the using of Polish embroidery in the décor. Also, we want to present our incomparable Polish roosters border Machine embroidery design. Polish embroidery, in other, like any other […]

Ferocious Lion Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

For lovers of extraordinary and chic things, we created our Ferocious Lion Machine embroidery design. With such a bizarre and unconventional embroidery, you definitely will not go unnoticed. Bright colorful shades will allow to add individuality and originality to any your image. Design is not only multifunctional, but universal. That’s why it’s suitable for both […]

Floral Emerald Corner Machine Embroidery Design

This design is like from precious stones. It looks luxurious, noble, and even to some extent aristocratic. At first glance, it seems simple and uncomplicated. And if you look more closely, you can really find the similarity of its elements with green emeralds and white pearls. Floral Emerald Corner Machine embroidery design is striking in […]

Scandinavian Snowflakes Machine Embroidery Designs

Scandinavian Snowflakes Machine embroidery designs are simply mesmerizing with their splendor. They are part of the collection of blue Scandinavian ornaments. If you want, you can change the color of the embroidery to another. This embroidery will be a good option for decorating the interior. It combines festivity and routine at the same time. The […]

Happy Easter Egg Machine Embroidery Design

On the eve of one of the most important and bright holidays for Christians, many housewives are really very busy. After all, they need not only to tidy up the house, to perform all ceremonies and traditions, but also to decorate the interior with festive elements. Easter machine embroidery designs will be a key to […]

Digital Machine Embroidery Design Pansies

One of the leading positions in machine embroidery is occupied by patterns with flowers. They are really diverse and quite universal. They have won the hearts of many. Flower designs differ in harmonious palette and the perfect beauty. Our designs satisfy the most sophisticated aesthetes. Digital machine embroidery design Pansies is one of the brightest […]

White Swan Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

White Swan Machine embroidery design combines grace and tenderness. That is why it is ideal for the loveliest and original projects. If you are looking for a symbol of eternal and sincere love for your interior, then this design is simply for you. It is also simply called to create incredible beauty. By the way, […]

Heraldic Frame Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

The monograms have very deep roots. The first monograms appeared in the Middle Ages. At that time, they were accessible only to the rich population. The medieval monograms differed with their unique curls and magnificent patterns. Heraldic Frame Machine embroidery design also came to us from the Middle Ages. Embroidered monograms were used for their […]

Ornamental Gold Leaf Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

Beautiful, gold and aristocratic embroidery embodies our Ornamental Gold Leaf Machine embroidery design. It carries not only an attractive appearance, but also a semantic load. So the combination of golden and purple colors symbolizes aristocracy, wealth and power. Besides, these colors are traditional in Scotland. Magnificent golden leaves intertwine. Thus they create an incredible and […]

Free Tiny Crown Machine Embroidery design

This cute golden crown, executed in a small size, will not leave you indifferent. You will undoubtedly want to get this free design in your collection. Long since the crown was considered a symbol of power and aristocracy. These noble notes carry this design. Free Tiny Crown Machine embroidery design can become a bright and […]

Hop Wreath Machine Embroidery Design – 4 sizes

The Hop Wreath Machine Embroidery Design has a form of the bound branches with cones. This theme will be very interesting to beer fans and also, to the institutions connected with this vivifying drink. For example, it will draw attention of beer restaurants, bars, breweries, stores. Textiles, tablecloths, napkins, grocery bags can become a peculiar […]

Wedding Frame Machine Embroidery Design – 5 sizes

For each of us, especially for women, a wedding is very important event. Of course, it is remembered for life. Celebration of such a solemn moment can be different. But in no case cannot do without beautiful accessories. Such a well-known wedding trend turn our Wedding Frame Machine embroidery design in a necessity. This unusually […]

Peacock feathers Mandala Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Do you know the word “mandala”? This is a very significant and important concept in Buddhist culture. In the translation from Sanskrit this word means “circle” or “disk”. More broadly, the mandala is a geometric symbol of a complex structure. All its elements are brought together, creating a unique sacral image. Peacock Feathers Mandala Machine […]

Scandinavian floral pattern Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

The Scandinavian floral pattern Machine Embroidery Design is presented in blue color. However, the gentle flower pattern with birds can be “painted” in any color at desire or requirement. The embroidery of an accurate rectangular shape will elegantly decorate objects of house textiles and some types of clothes. For example, pillowcases, towels, napkins and tablecloths […]

Canadian flag skull Machine Embroidery Design

Surely you are already familiar with our collection of incredible and rebellious skulls. This is not an ordinary image of the skull. Each circuit has its own peculiarity. It is related to some country. Here is Canadian Flag Skull Machine embroidery design. This design is suitable not only for the bright fans of this country. […]

Peacock Espadrilles Machine Embroidery Design

Many of the women prefer a beautiful and at the same time comfortable shoes. Espadrilles is the vivid example of it. Today we want to talk about creating unique espadrilles. And also we are pleased to introduce our Peacock Espadrilles Machine embroidery design. Espadrilles are comfortable shoes at low speed, with a woven or cortical […]

Chinese Peonies Machine embroidery design – 2 sizes

Since recently, embroidery in a folk style is very popular now. Folklore motifs are traced in the interiors of many institutions. They are equally widely used for decorating home decor, and creating comfort. Today we want to introduce embroidery from our collection of Chinese motifs. This is Chinese Peonies Machine embroidery design. Such a nice […]

Pocket Husky Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

Pocket Husky Machine embroidery design simply captivates with its kindness. Just look at this dog. It is so pretty that, looking at it you just want to smile. Do you like Huskies? These dogs are incredibly beautiful. After all, they have just a magnificent color. In addition, they are very faithful and devoted. Pocket Husky […]

Bedding machine embroidery designs

Machine Embroidery Design Orchid Border Every woman wants to bring maximum comfort to her home. That’s why we spend a lot of time thinking through every element. Everything should be perfect. And even the bedding should match the color of the wallpaper. Bedding machine embroidery designs are now very popular. Agree, it’s nice to lie […]

Free Beer inscription Machine Embroidery Design

Our collection of unique free designs has been replenished with a new autumn and beautiful pattern. Free Machine Embroidery Design Beer and Hops will attract the attention of our customer or guest. This basic element is included in our new collection of designs “Beer and Hop”. What inspired us to create such an unusual embroidery? […]

ITH Machine Embroidery Design Sleep Mask Zombie Halloween

Many people now simply cannot fall asleep without a sleeping mask. A couple more dozens of years ago, we considered this a sign of spoiling. Times change and now the mask for sleep is a fashionable and most important useful accessory. ITN Machine embroidery design Sleep Mask Zombie Halloween will transform this accessory. It is […]

Great Britain Flag Skull Machine Embroidery Design

Our collection of original Skulls was replenished with yet another magnificent design. Great Britain Flag Skull Machine embroidery design conveys all the rigor and originality of its kingdom. If you are looking for a way to stand out among the dull gray masses, it will become just a godsend. Great Britain Flag Skull Machine embroidery […]

Machine Embroidery Design Halloween Black Cat

Have you already created a festive Halloween decor and an original costume? If not, then Machine Embroidery Design Halloween Black Cat will just have to appear in your collection. You already know that our design has its own wonderful feature, a highlight, so to speak. This time, a pretty cat decided to transform to Halloween […]

CoverUp Permanent topping for machine embroidery

Machine embroidery gives a lot of opportunities and ideas for decorating our interior and clothing. Practically any woven or even not woven object can be transformed without special expenses by means of machine embroidery. Do you notice that after a certain time and a lot of sticker embroidered things begin to gradually lose their attractiveness? […]

Machine Embroidery Design Estonian Folklore Pattern

Machine embroidery design Estonian Folklore pattern is part of our collection of colorful Estonian embroidery. Despite its simplicity, it is not inferior in beauty to the largest and most saturated patterns. All ingenious is simple. Often we hear this phrase. And this uncomplicated design is a vivid confirmation of this. Are you looking for an […]

Free Shell Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Each of us loves and represents the summer in its own way. For some, summer is a time of rest, travel and new discoveries. Someone spends the summer far from the bustle of the city along with his family. And someone immediately flies to the sea to listen to the its sound. Despite such different […]

Fashion Girls Machine Embroidery Designs

For the youngest lovers of machine embroidery from Royal Present, we decided to expand our machine embroidery designs for kids. We present you the first designs from the new series. Fashion Girls Machine embroidery designs just like little beauties. They are trendy, stylish, original and bright. If you do not know what to surprise your […]

Arabesque Machine Embroidery Pattern – 5 sizes

The Arabesque Machine Embroidery Pattern is in the style of traditional Oriental art. A single geometric pattern of the decoration can be repeated endlessly, stopped or continued at any point. The ornament is beautiful also as a separately embroidered decoration in the center or a corner of the object. Repeated along the edge or perimeter, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Cute Elephant – 2 sizes

If you were looking for something original, colorful and attractive, then we recommend you to look on our machine embroidery designs for kids. For example, look at the composition of this design and pay attention to its interesting funny drawing and saturated colors. A charming unusual elephant with a bird is depicted in a very […]

Tiny Floral corners Machine Embroidery Designs

The Tiny Floral corners Machine Embroidery Designs belong to Emerald collection. You can use them as a separate decoration or combine with others. Such fine details on clothes can compete even with jewelry. Really, white round petals are similar to pearls, and the core reminds sapphire. If desired, you can turn it into a ruby […]

Zebra head Machine Embroidery Design

If you are an observant person, then for sure you can easily identify the most popular motifs in machine embroidery. This craft exists for several centuries and during this time certain traditions were established and even some classical designs were created. In their circle must necessarily include various intricate patterns and ornaments, folklore themes of […]

Floral Emerald Monogram Frame Machine Embroidery Design

The Floral Emerald Monogram Frame Machine Embroidery Design looks as an ornament of gemstones. Flowers and leaflets remind a pattern of emeralds, pearls and sapphires. Not accidentally, the collection of this style’s designs is called Emerald one. We offer a series of similar floral patterns of different forms. With their help you can independently make […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Made in the USA

To please our customers, we add free designs to the site. They are no less gorgeous, and often are particularly versatile. Here, for example, Free machine embroidery design Made in the USA. Its originality lies in its conciseness. That is why it is fashionable to place it on completely ordinary and at the same time […]

Halloween Witch Machine Embroidery Design

For several years, the technology of machine embroidery has been extremely popular and every day attracts new fans. This business is not only a good hobby, but also very useful. Decoration thanks to machine embroidery is very versatile, because in this way you can transform almost anything. You can refer to machine embroidery for the […]

Machine Embroidery Design Wedding Frame

The Machine Embroidery Design Wedding Frame has a round shape. In the center of the frame there is a place for the monogram or names of marrying. Such embroideries will decorate the venue of the wedding and remain in use for a long time. If you plan a small home wedding, you can decorate tablecloths and napkins with such monogram. You will be able to use these beautiful table textiles later. For […]

Machine Embroidery Design Happy Halloween

Halloween can be considered a holiday of vampires, witches, ghosts and other evil spirits. Until recently, this day was widely celebrated only in the USA, now it is gaining increasing popularity in Europe and gradually covers the CIS countries. For many, this holiday is an opportunity to have a good time having an interesting thematic […]

Butterflies Machine embroidery designs

The Butterflies Machine embroidery designs is an interesting set of two beautiful insects. Despite the fact they are absolutely different, the butterflies make a fine composition. They produce an impression of the movement, lightness, playful mood. First of all, you may place each of them on one thing in different places. For example, on a […]

Cat Halloween Machine Embroidery Design

Today we want to introduce you Cat Halloween Machine embroidery design. Surely you know that Halloween is a holiday of evil spirits. On this day, a certain barrier between worlds supposedly weakens and practically eliminates. So that otherworldly creatures can penetrate and visit ordinary people. Incidentally, it this belief became the beginning of the tradition […]

Marxist symbol Skull Machine Embroidery Design

Today we would like to offer you an interesting way of creation the chic gizmo. Its Marxist Symbol Skull Machine embroidery design from our skull machine embroidery designs. Are you interested? Let us start. Patches in our time are very common and stylish means for transforming and improving various elements of the wardrobe. If previously […]

Pumpkins Machine Embroidery Designs set

Each design for machine embroidery from Royal Present has an appeal and originality. You will not find anything usual or boring here. For your convenience, even separate sets of designs are created, assembled in one subject. Thanks to it you can create real masterpieces and your own compositions. Specifically, Pumpkins Machine embroidery designs set will […]

Colored Skull Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Your attention is offered a very original and youth design. It with ease will help you create not only unique, but also stylish gizmos. Colorful Skull Machine embroidery design is just a find for those who do not like the standard ornaments. If you are bored with classic ornaments, various soft flowers and similar compositions. […]

Berry Monogram Frame Machine Embroidery design – 3 sizes

Machine embroidery does not cease to amaze with its capabilities. Look at this charming and intricate design. It can easily be transferred to the fabric thanks to the technology of machine embroidery. Each point, every curl and every neat flower will be accurately transferred to the fabric. Berry Monogram Frame Machine embroidery design will undoubtedly please […]

USA Flag Skull Machine Embroidery Design

This very unusual and stylish design will attract fans of interesting and non-standard images. USA Flag Skull Machine Embroidery Design is not at all a template, because it really is different among the others. This design for machine embroidery literally radiates a certain audacity and even rebellious spirit. It is great for “eternally young” people, […]

Pumpkins Corner Digital Embroidery Design – 5 sizes

Pumpkin is a genus of herbaceous plants, which is often used by many people in everyday life. Interestingly, pumpkins are edible and decorative. Therefore, even if you do not like pumpkin pancakes or soups, you still cannot remain indifferent to this plant. It has an unusual look, and Pumpkins Corner Digital Embroidery Design is a […]

Pumpkins border Machine Embroidery Design – 4 sizes

To fill your house with aesthetics and at the same time warmth, you will definitely need the Pumpkins border machine embroidery design. After all, this image is dominated by yellow and orange tones, which warm everyone by their appearance. These colors are pleasing to the eye, and very successfully harmonize with each other. Thus the […]

Medieval Frame Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Undoubtedly the Middle Ages is distinguished by its aesthetic canons, and until now many of them are used in design. This period is filled with luxury, nobility and aristocracy. In the Middle Ages of extraordinary popularity sophisticated monograms were acquired. Thus they had previously been used much less often. As is known, long-standing, but successful […]