Dream catcher Machine Embroidery Design

Modern society has long been bored with glamour and annoying brilliance, which does not always allow creative people to express their character. Fortunately, recently Boho Fashion Style or Boho Chic Fashion is gaining popularity (although it was born in 2000 in the UK), which allows even the most sophisticated lovers of creativity to find something interesting. The Boho style allows you to perform the most daring experiments in outfits.

Interestingly, the name of this style resembles the gypsy “bohmiens”. Once called the inhabitants of Bohemia, namely nomads and gypsies. They always shocked others with their behavior and views. These people were not interested in generally accepted values ​​and rules, so it is not strange that soon this name was applied to those belonging cultures that shared this idea.

For many people, boho is a lifestyle. Someone follows almost all the traditions of such an interesting direction, someone takes for themselves only individual elements. By the way, this style is very strongly revered in clothes.

The secret of the ideal image of the Boho style is hidden in the ability to combine the incompatible. Light lace dress, voluminous scarf and heavy shoes – this is one of the most winning combinations for this fashion trend.

Dream catcher Machine Embroidery Design


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Boho is certainly one of the most striking and unusual styles, due to its diversity. It is appropriate to multi-layered clothing, a combination of fabrics of different textures and colors. All this gives each image an incredible uniqueness and at the same time chic.

It is also important that you need to combine things that have hippie and grunge style notes, and have ethnic motives. Especially popular is the culture of the indigenous peoples of America.

One of the most common elements of this culture is the dream catcher. This Indian mascot is designed to protect a sleeping person from evil spirits. Due to his unusual appearance, it is often used in design, including in the style of a boho.

If you also admire this incredible direction in clothes, though you do not know where to start, then be sure to pay attention to the Dream catcher Machine embroidery design. And if you are a longtime fan of the boho, then you certainly understand so much this embroidery can be useful to you to create unique outfits.

Place such a pattern from our Unique and Awesome Embroidery Designs on your favorite cardigan, blouse or T-shirt to add a gimmick to the ethnic mood. It will immediately find that original spirit, which is really important for Boho. In addition, this composition is also very colorful, because it is exactly suitable for the transformation of any clothing.

Add the Dream catcher Machine embroidery design into your wardrobe and personally see the stunning effect. You can independently create your extraordinary image and release your creative energy.

We are happy to please you with our Unique and Awesome Embroidery Designs!

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

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Date: 20.07.2018