Feather buttonholes Machine Embroidery Designs

A luxurious collection of the Feather buttonholes Machine Embroidery Designs is available in three different sizes. Depending on the diameter of buttons, the number of thread colours for the holes varies. For the largest button size (13.42 mm), choose the richest colour option. Such buttonhole processing emphasizes and complements the look of buttons, and also adds to a majestic appearance of clothing. Moreover, they become the main focus of the outfit.

A peacock feather embroidery can be used for classic and elegant clothes. Evening dress of the simplest cut will get a beautiful finish and become unique with this design. However, you should pay attention to the size of each sample to make the correct calculation. For example, if you want a more frequent arrangement of buttons, be sure to consider the width of the decoration for the buttonholes. Probably, you may have to use the smallest size and matching buttons. The best way, of course, will be the development of a model with embroidery from scratch. But, if desired, you can complement ready clothes and give them a second wind.

Feather buttonholes Machine Embroidery Designs


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First of all, the Feather buttonholes Machine Embroidery design is suitable for common fastening in front or behind of clothes. Very elegantly it will look also on cuffs and pockets. Any colour of a finished product will perfectly combine with the peacock feather embroidery. It is especially attractive on a dark basis. The feather decoration of buttonholes can also be used for the design of men’s clothing. For example, embroidery on the cuffs of sleeves will imitate cufflinks and give chic to a man’s shirt. The same effect appears if the embroidery will be on the corners of the collar. Note, the embroidered frame is possible to be placed both vertically and horizontally.

Thus, a creative hostess will not miss this luxury decorative option. Peacock buttonhole embroidery design will help to easily create unique things on any basis. Especially, if you manage to combine the design for buttons with other designs of machine embroidery. In our catalog you can find a variety of suitable ones of the matching topic or colour. Children’s clothes, which require and allow a lot of beautiful interesting additions, are especially good for such creativity.

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Date: 01.07.2018