Playing Card Symbols Machine Embroidery Designs

Playing Card symbols Machine embroidery designs are more suitable for those who are not afraid to experiment with their image. The detailing of this pattern is striking. By the way, do you know that modern playing cards came to us from the 14th century, although they appeared much earlier. Each country’s  playing cards look different. For example, in Denmark there are 78 cards in the Tarot deck, and in France only 14, as in Germany 24, and in Hungary 50. In some decks, so-called jokers’ cards are used. They are mostly not used when playing. We depicted a traditional card deck, with four playing suits.

In general, the cards game first appeared in China, back in the VIII century. At that time, it was more like a domino game. First, the game used sticks, and then strips of paper, and later began to use coins, two coins and many coins. For example, in India, the figure of four-armed Shiva, who held a staff, a goblet, a sword and a coin, was depicted on playing cards. Some believe that it was from here that four suits of playing cards appeared. The ambiguous meaning of the maps, led to the fact that some considered them diabolical, since the cards were used for fortune telling. Others, on the contrary, believed that, thanks to them, information from the “Higher Powers” could be obtained.

Playing Card Symbols Machine Embroidery Designs

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There is a legend about the King, who forced Court Shut to entertain him in every possible way. The jester, in turn, came up with various card games in which he decided to modify the deck. He, came up with maps of 4 kings. To each king, he appropriated his prototype. So, the King of Hearts is Karl the Great, Spades is King David, Diamonds is Julius Caesar, and Clubs is Alexander of Macedon. The Shut, acted as a joker, and only he had the right to tell the truth to the Kings. In the course of time appeared Jacks, Aces. Ladies appeared only in the XVI century. It is interesting is not it?

Playing Card symbols Machine embroidery designs will help to bring brightness and originality into your wardrobe. It is most advisable to embroider it on a white T-shirt. In combination with pants and jacket, it will look stylish and fashionable.

Note: embroidering these sewing machine embroidery designs on a T-shirt, take into account the fact that they are often made of elastic cotton. That’s why you need to wash and dry it before starting the process. In such a way changing the structure of the fabric will not affect the quality of your embroidery project.

Finally, you can also find our others sewing machine embroidery designs to create unique clothes collection.

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Date: 28.06.2018