Machine Embroidery Designs Wild Roses

I love to wake up to the chirping of birds and sensational redolence of blooming wild roses in my garden – said no urbanite ever. Yep, big-city life is no picnic, not even stroll in a park, for the hefty majority of us. Nature, with its refreshing colors and magnificent blooms, is, alas, something that we buy in the nearest flower shop. And, admit it, it’s not nearly as regular as it should be. That’s why even the tiniest botanical accent is more than welcome in our homes and our wardrobes too. To make beauties of nature more inherent to our lives, Royal Present Embroidery offers Three Machine Embroidery Designs Wild Roses. Sweet, bright and oh-so-very classy, these wild roses can bring fresh vernal vibes into every aspect of our lives.

Classic feel and sophisticated look of the motives brings subtle delicateness of Briar roses into the floral scene. Their refined charm and the fact that they’re available in 4 sizes, easily mixes Three Machine Embroidery Designs Wild roses into any interior decorative attribute or household textile. Besides that, these Wild roses can also “flourish” on various pieces of clothing or even accessories. A sweet pattern like this will impress you with its decorative virtues! Be it a napkin, a curtain blind, a shirt or a scarf – pretty wild roses with their intertwining leaves will look charming on any. Easy to complement with various colors, patterns and styles, these wild roses will surely become part of many inspirational project. Some of them we can give you right now.

Timeless and chic Three Machine Embroidery Designs Wild roses boast of dreamy colors, loveliest composition and flawlessly delicate style. Each of the wild roses patterns can be embroidered both vertically and horizontally, which makes them impressively applicable and versatile. You can work them in a mirrored pair to brighten up the yoke of a classic shirt. A shirt embroidered with wild roses could make a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day celebration. To make full use of the pretty wild roses patterns you can work them all on your little girl’s communion dress. As a border at the hemline of the skirt or as a “climbing” décor on the bust – wild roses with little hearts will make sensational embellishment for your princess’ gown. A dress with pink roses is every little girl’s dream – and now you really can make it happen!

Machine Embroidery Designs Wild Roses


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Embroidering borders on skirts makes you feel like being on pins and needles? Don’t worry! Our tips and a step-by-step instruction will help you separate the notions from your sensations. Learn tried and true method of aligning machine embroidery designs into a border to decorate hemlines of skirts and you’ll get it done in now time. But before we start with the instruction, lets first, get to know the materials you’ll be working with.

The set of supplies for embellishing your little princess’ ball gown with Three Machine Embroidery Designs Wild Roses is pretty simple. You probably use the same set with other project all the time. The only thing that could separate it from the rest is the stabilizers. They will depend on the fabric your skirt/dress. For the majority of cases, cut-away backing will do perfectly well. If, however, your fabric is of a sheer type (organza, tulle), than opt for a water-soluble backing instead. For machine embroidery on delicate or textured fabrics (think velvet), additional topping should also be used.

Needles and threads are too pretty regular too. It’ll help you a lot if you order your thread pools according to the sequence of changes (given in the design description). After the threads, check the needle. With stretchy tulle use ballpoint needles, other fabrics are good with sharp needles. It’s always advisable to change your needle with each new embroidery project. Besides that, we also will need measuring tool and a textile marker. If all the supplies are set and ready, we can start.

Making Three machine embroidery designs wild roses into a decorative border for the skirt of a dress.

1 – Get your skirt (or dress) ready. If it’s brand-new, consider washing and ironing it to be sure that there’ll be no shrinkage of the fabric later.
2 – Think at what height from the hemline you want to embroider the border. Measure the distance to draw a line, perfectly parallel to the hemline. This line will serve as the horizontal axis according to which you’ll be aligning wild roses designs into a border.
3 – Measure the width of the skirt. You’ll need to know its width for the calculation of number of wild roses designs’ repeats.
4 – Print out several templates of Three Machine Embroidery Designs Wild Roses. We say “several” as every skirt’s border will “want” its own number of repeats. Knowing the width of the skirt, you can choose which designs sizes to print out. Otherwise, print out all of the 4 sizes to experiment with their possible spacing. The latter can help you create a more perfect composition for the garment that you have on hands.
5 – Arrange the printed templates along the line, so that their horizontal axis coincided with it. This step will get you a preliminary idea of how the border will look.
6 – After you’ve figured out the general layout, make it precise. Make sure the spacing is even; otherwise the finished result won’t look neat.
7 – When you’ve settled the issue with exact spacing, you’ll need to put the placement marks. You will be marking only vertical axis lines of each of the element as their common horizontal line is already there (the line that you’ll be using for alignment). To mark these lines, you just need to trace them from each template onto the fabric. The entire process is done with the templates on.
8 – After the placement marks are done, remove the templates. Join the marks so that they form vertical axis lines for each of the designs. Now you have a continuous line parallel to the hemline of the skirt with several vertical lines crossing it. These lines will help you hoop the fabric perfectly square.

TIP: You might want to make the vertical line longer so that it would fit into the size of your hoop better.

9 – Hoop the fabric with the stabilizer. For additional grip, you can use temporary spray adhesive.
10 – Embroider as usual. After you finish embroidering the first design treat it as any other embroidery that you’ve done. Remove the excess stabilizer and so on. You can leave the cutting of loose thread ends for the end, and clean them all up when the entire border is done. Until then, re-hoop the fabric according to the next mark and stitch on.

When all of the Three Machine Embroidery Designs Wild Roses are made into a pretty border of the dress’ skirt, you can see if the dress needs extra décor on the bust or not. If it needs, then you can add some of the smaller sizes. When at it, make sure to arrange wild roses designs according to their inherent “trajectory” flow. Let positions of the little hearts in their composition be your guidance.

Three machine embroidery designs Wild Roses can be worked into borders not only on little girls’ dresses. Besides that such exquisite floral decorations will look stunning on table-covers and other elements of smart napery sets. A table, set with crisp white linens, embroidered with wild roses patterns imbues air of timeless class. You can bring the color scheme of the décor into line with your china or silverware. For such a suave twist, you’ll only need to hues of the central rose of the pattern. This one flower will make the difference even if change one of its hues. Add to its pink outline a bit of a white, yellow or cream for an elegant personal touch.

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

My name is Lyudmila Konovalova, and I lead Royal Present Embroidery. Embroidery for me is more than a profession; it is a legacy of my Ukrainian and Bulgarian heritage, where every woman in my family was a virtuoso in cross-stitch and smooth stitching. This art, passed down through generations, is part of my soul and a symbol of national pride.

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