Mini Seashells Machine Embroidery Designs

The most beloved time of all children and many adults is summer. It pleases us not only with warm sunrays, which strive to penetrate through our sunglasses and to please our eyes with their light, but also it is an excellent opportunity to relax. In the summer, we can travel with our family and simply having a good time. In the end, summer inspires us to reckless and insane actions, which sometimes remain in our hearts for all life.

Summer is a time of unrestrained joy and endless fun, fantastic romance and flaming passion. Moreover, what could be better than to feel on the skin a cool drop of sea breeze, rest and do not doing nothing? All the time of rest, we are happy, having fun, feeling unforgettable emotions. Nevertheless, for many with the arrival to the home everything changes. In addition, about the sunny hot summer and cool rest remind only photos. The daily routine, being re-absorbed again are coming. The atmosphere of the house becomes again a little bit tense, and the alarm clock replaces the lovely seashells. If you really do not know how to add comfort, originality and calmness to the interior of the house, we will be happy to help you.

What could be better than making a relaxation zone for yourself in the house? A place where you can relax from an endless stream of thoughts and just sleep. As a rule, such zones are made on summer terraces, balconies, loggias, or even just by the window in the living room. It does not matter where; the main thing is for you to be comfortable there.

Mini Seashells Machine Embroidery Designs


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When decorating such relax zones, people often use seashells. They are associated with tranquillity, peace and mechanically give an opportunity to relax. That is why we created a whole collection of the most diverse seashells. It is suitable for those who like to create beautiful with their own hands. Now we present to you our mini seashell machine embroidery designs.

Our customers often tell us that it would be nice to create the smallest designs, for example, puppet sizes, to decorate almost the entire house with sea embroidery. Therefore, for this purpose we create mini seashell machine embroidery designs. They are a magnificent collection of seven differently shaped seashell embroidery patterns, each of which can become a part of your embroidered masterpieces.

As always, we offer an original and unique idea for our customers. Are you interested? Then prepare the paper and the pen. After all, our idea will exactly impress you.

If you choose one of these magnificent seashell embroidery patterns on the beach swimsuit. Great? It is always necessary to look stylish, especially on the beach. Such a swimsuit is now very popular, and embroidery on it will be just in time.

Many of you cannot tear yourself away from the screens, reading this post and already know for sure that such a T-shirt simply must be in the wardrobe. Therefore, we will not drown you and tell you what is needed for this.

So, to embroider one of the magnificent seashell embroidery patterns you will need:

~ T-shirt with a free cut from light translucent knitwear (Please note that the fabric itself should not be smooth and less elastic).

~ Thin cut-away non-adhesive stabilizer. Sulky Soft ‘n Sheer Stabilizer is perfect for our purpose. The thing is that this is one of the few cut-away stabilizers, which has a high elasticity. This means that it can easily be stretched in the hoops. This is the highlight when embroidering on knitwear. Nevertheless, you do not need to stretch the fabric. How then to be? The answer to this question you will find out if you read the post to the end.

~ Temporary spray adhesive, for example, Gunold KK100

~ Printed pattern

~ Air-erase pen

~ Viscose threads for the embroidery machine. Of course, you can take any other, except for the metallic, but these threads are used most often with embroidery on knitwear.

~ Needle for knitwear (it differs from the usual embroidery needle with a rounded tip).

~ One of the mini seashell machine embroidery designs. We recommend taking the pattern number one or number seven. Since they perfectly match with decorative pearls.

~ Decorative pearls

So, if you have everything you need, let’s start embroidery. To do everything quickly and correctly follow the instructions below:

Positioning of design:

~ Take the printed template of the necessary shell and attach it to the fabric, in the place where you want to see the embroidery in the future.

~ Transfer the marked point of the center and the direction line to the fabric with an air-erase pen (if you do not have this, you can use a sewing chalk or soap).

~ Set the template aside.


~ Take a cut-away stabilizer and cut off the required amount. Remember that the stabilizer size must be larger than the hoop size.

~ Take a can of a glue of a temporary fixation and shake it.

~ Spray the adhesive onto the stabilizer.

~ Wait 2-3 seconds

~ Glue the top of the swimsuit wear.


~ Take suitable hoops.

~ Hoop the fabric together with the stabilizer

~ Check that the lines marked by you converge with the marks on the hoop.


~ Place the embroidery frame in the machine so that the needle is in the marked center of the embroidery

~ Lower the presser foot

~ Download embroidery design

Cutting off the stabilizer

Cut off the excess stabilizer with scissors, retreating approximately 0,3 Inches from the edge of the embroidery


~ Remove the swimwear on the front side. Sew pearls in a chaotic order to decorate it.

A unique, beautiful beach T-shirt will bring in your image of elegance and unusualness.

Use mini seashell machine embroidery designs in a wide variety of occasions. You can embroider one of these seashell embroidery patterns on a magnificent beach towel or make a completely family towel set. Moreover, for each member of the family to embroider new shell.

You can also embroider decorative cushions with different seashell embroidery patterns. For this purpose, the outdoor fabric or a strong furniture flax will be the most suitable. It is simply a pleasure to embroider on such a fabric.

In addition, imagine how gorgeous, luxurious and royal will look mini seashell machine embroidery designs on a white terry dressing gown. To do this, it should be taken into account that terry cloth refers to piled types of fabric, which means that if you do not properly set up the embroidery process, it can simply get lost among this pile. To avoid this, use a water-soluble stabilizer on top of the fabric, for example, Madeira Avalon Film or Sulky Solvy.

We hope that our mini seashell machine embroidery designs inspire you to create original and unique ideas. Successful embroidery!

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