Set of Monogram Frame Machine Embroidery designs

Each of us who loves romantic films in the style of the middle ages, often noticed how a woman beautifully and romantically drops her handkerchief or glove, with an unusual embroidered letter in memory to her lover. Then he keeps a gift for many years, remembering his beloved woman. It is really romantic. Why should we talk about this? It is because we lead to the fact that this embroidered letter is a monogram.

A monogram is a specialized initial of someone’s name or surname. This, you can say, is a kind of personal logo. Many think that the monograms appeared relatively recently. However, their using was noted as far back as 4 BC. First monograms were only on medals, coins and weapons. They allowed determining the belonging of a particular subject to a particular person.

Then monograms began to be used on everyday objects, clothes, gloves, handkerchiefs, as well as postal correspondence and painting.

Now embroidered monograms have regained their popularity. People use then both for individual things, and as a gift option.

Set of Monogram Frame Machine Embroidery designs

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As a rule, people decorate embroidered monograms with special embroidered frames. They come in a variety of character and styles, from luxurious golden ornate patterns to dull elements in baroque or vintage. Set of Monogram Frame Machine Embroidery Designs will be an ideal solution to complement your monogram. It consists of four luxurious embroidery designs for sale, each of which simply amazes with its refinement and splendor.

This Set of Monogram Frame Machine Embroidery Designs from our embroidery designs for sale is ideal, for example, for a collection of family towels, or handkerchiefs.

The choice of the correct and suitable framework for a monogram depends largely on the monogram itself. Do you know the basic rules of monogram compilation? Machine embroidery experts know that there is even a special monogram etiquette. It is interesting, is not it?

Rule 1. The standards of a monogram, and accordingly of a monogrammed framework, largely depend on the case or even the person for whom it is composed: whether it be a woman, or a man, a child or, for example, a married couple.

Rule 2. For men monograms, you should use printed letters, uppercase letters – for female monograms.

Rule 3. In the female monogram, the first letter must necessarily be the initials of the name, the second – the surname. Moreover, the first letter is always smaller than the second one. In men’s monograms, the order is the same, but all the letters are of the same size.

Rule 4. Baby monograms often consist of one letter.

Rule 5. In the conjugal monogram, the name of the wife goes first, and the letter is much smaller than the second is – the male.

Rule 6. If a monogram consists of one letter, then this is an unofficial use case, if two or more is official.

These are rather generally accepted rules, but now the 21st century. Much has changed or simplified, and now you can make monograms in any style. In this case, you really need a luxurious and unique Set of Monogram Frame Machine Embroidery Designs.

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