Golden border Embroidery Design

Most interior designers and decorators agree that amenities are what make regular bathrooms into gorgeous little heavens of relaxation. With right accessories even the smallest of bathroom can be turned into chic little home-run spas. With towels and robes being true royalties among bathroom accessories, it’s no wonder why those who have the best ones enjoy truly regal bathroom experience. For those who’d like to learn how it feels to bathe in luxury we offer Golden Border Embroidery Design. Exquisite, stylish and utterly refined, this embellishment will make textile bathroom essential into a statement decorative piece.

Deluxe elegance of Golden Border Embroidery Design can be introduced into a bathroom of any style. The tiniest of rooms or the largest of setups – lavishly adorned textiles will enhance the feel of places of any size. Pumper yourself with comforts fit for kings with towels, bathrobes and even shower curtains embroidered with golden filigree pattern.

Golden border Embroidery Design


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With quality, guaranteed by Royal Present Embroidery, any textile in your bathroom can be adorned with Golden Border Embroidery Design. Haven’t yet worked with embroidering fabrics, used for bathroom accessories? Don’t worry, with our help and guidance you will be able to create magnificent bathroom sets. Further we will describe how to embroider Golden Border design on terry cloth towels. As a bonus, well give some inspirational ideas on how to incorporate the pattern into other bathroom accessories. Embroidered shower curtains and coordinating window treatments – decorative projects with Golden Border Embroidery Design are really abundant. But enough with the introduction, let’s see how to actually work with the pattern.

Decoration of terry-cloth towels with Golden Border Embroidery Design


Few words before you start gathering the supplies…

Every embroiderer knows how important it is to coordinate the size of the design with that of an embroidered-to-be item. With embroidering border designs on ready-made items the issue is of greater importance.  One should take into account elements’ alignment, number of their repetition, their spacing etc. On this wise, Golden Border Embroidery Design allows more freedom in finding the perfect match. As it’s available in 3 sizes, you can to use towels of any dimensions in creation of your bathroom sets. Just make sure you coordinate sizes of border elements with those of the towels. For your convenience we’ve come up with a chart of possible combinations:

1~ Washcloth towel (13” x 13”) – Designs: any (though small and medium are preferred); the size allows only one repeat.

2 ~ Fingertip towel (11” x 18”) – Designs: any (though small and medium are preferred); the size allows only one repeat.

3 ~ Hand towel (15” x 18”) – Designs: medium; the size allows up to two repeats.

4 ~ Hand towel (25” x 30”) – Designs: small; repetition of the element: up to three times; medium-size designs can be repeated only two times.

5 ~ Bath towel come in a wider dimensional range (starting from 20” x 40” and coming up to 30” x 58”). Choice of the designs here is largely up to your personal preference.

6 ~ Bath sheets (Same rule as with bath towels)

Knowing these dimensional combinations you can assess what your embroidered towel sets can be comprised of. Make it a classic two piece set with hand and bath towels of the same décor or lavishly enrich it with decorative washcloths or fingertip towels. You can take a hint from the three-piece towel set that we took as an inspiration for the design implementation.

Now that we’re set with the ideas, let’s gather the supplies. You’ll need:

~ Set of terry towels. For a truly elegant result opt for a set with a solid color (no prints or other patterns).

~ Golden Border Embroidery Design and its printed templates. It’ll help you a lot in aligning the border elements if you print as many templates as you think will fit on the item. Roughly cut the designs around the outlines.

~ Tear-away stabilizer for the backing. If you want the back of your embroidery to be absolutely “clean”, use no-show mesh stabilizer. You’ll also need a water-soluble film (Solvy) for the topping.

TIP: Don’t be economical with the stabilizers; they should exceed the width of a towel quite a lot. Keep in mind that you’ll be embroidering border designs. This means that you’ll be “moving” the hoop along the line-up as each of elements is completed. That’s why you’ll need to have enough stabilizer for the hooping when time for the designs on the edges comes.

~ Embroidery threads. Rayon or polyester (depending on your preference).

~ Embroidery needle. The size of the needle will depend on the threads, the type of the needle for embroidering on terrycloth – ball point.

~ Pins and temporary spray adhesive (Gunold KK 100, 505, or any other good quality one). These items will be of use if you find that your terrycloth towels are too thick for hooping.

~ Measuring and marking tools

Now, that you’ve got everything that you’ll need, let’s start embroidering the towel set.

We’ll be showing your border embroidery method where you’ll be working with each of the repeats separately. This means that you’ll be re-hooping after each of the designs is finished. For this project (as well as each border projects) it’s easier if you have magnetic hoops. Regular ones, however, are quite fine too.

1 – First, make sure that the area of the towel that you’ll be embroidering is not the one with the label.

2 – Spread the towel to prepare it for the work. Fold the towel along its length to find the center of your future border. Mark the crease with an air-erase marker or any other marking tool. Now fold the towel along its width to find the horizontal line for the base of the border. Mark the crease.

3 – Take your templates and apply them along the horizontal line as you seem feet. Golden Border Machine Embroidery Design can be used to create not only a continuous border look. So you can choose which style suits (and fits) your purpose and go with it. Make sure the designs (templates) are symmetrically spaced.

4 – Trace points of the vertical and horizontal lines given on the templates onto the towel. Now you know where your designs will be embroidered.

5 – Spray the tear-away (or no-show mesh) with temporary adhesive and attach it to the towel. Lay onto the towel your water-soluble film.

6 – Hoop the towel with all the stabilizers together. Make sure to align the marks that you’ve made with your pen with those given on the band of the hoop.

If the terrycloth of your towels is too thick, you can use the hooping technique called “floating”. Floating means that you hoop in the bands only the backing. The towel and the topping are attached to the hooped stabilizer with temporary spray adhesive, basting on pins.

7 – Embroider the design.

8 – Re-hoop and repeat with the next one.

9 – After the embroidery is finished, remover the excess stabilizer and all the threads.

10 – When finished with one towel, move on to the next part of the set.

11 – After the set is embroidered, wash the towels to completely remove the marks from the pen.

TIP: When working with air-erase markers (pens) never iron your item, while the pen is still on. It might “seal” the mark and you won’t be able to remove it completely.

Now you have gorgeous set of luxuriously decorated towels.

Hang them on a rack or lay them on a shelf of your bathroom to showcase their beauty. Otherwise, arrange them in a gift basket and present to someone really special in your life. A stack of lusciously soft towels accented with Golden Border Embroidery Design will make your bathroom look elegant and chic.

If you want to you can enrich the Golden filigree of the towel décor with matching accent on other furnishings of your bathroom. Shower curtains and window treatments will make stunning canvas for the decorative make-over. The work with the abovementioned items will be practically the same. The only difference will be the choice of stabilizers. Besides gold, Golden Border Embroidery Design can be dressed into any other hue of embroidery thread rainbow. Be it in Warm Wine of Madeira Rayon, Tender Teal of ARC Polyester or any other thread of your choice – decorative value of Golden Border will shine in any case.

The rest of the interiors can enjoy some regal accentuations too.  Satin bed linens, cotton table textiles – with a beautiful embroidery design like this you’ll be able to spruce up your entire house!

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

My name is Lyudmila Konovalova, and I lead Royal Present Embroidery. Embroidery for me is more than a profession; it is a legacy of my Ukrainian and Bulgarian heritage, where every woman in my family was a virtuoso in cross-stitch and smooth stitching. This art, passed down through generations, is part of my soul and a symbol of national pride.

Date: 03.05.2018