Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Piggy

Despite the fact that Chinese Zodiac was not as popular as it is now, it has become firmly rooted in our lives. Moreover, if earlier, we only knew that every coming New Year has its own symbol, now we are trying to appease it. In this regard, we carefully think over all the details, preparing for the celebration of the New Year’s Eve.

Now it is very fashionable to decorate the interior according to the theme before the holiday, to come up with a special menu, and to look for the appropriate colors. In addition, embroidery plays not the least role. Since the symbol of 2019 is the Yellow Pig, we offer our customers embroidered patterns with this cute animal. You can decorate not only the house, but also create an unusual and funny embroidered outfit for the New Year.

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Piggy will emphasize your desire to decorate the festive interior and clothing, according to the Chinese Zodiac. Let us consider some interesting and fascinating ideas on the using of this cute animalistic design.

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Piggy

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The first idea.

Alternatively, you can embroider a cute piggy on felt decorative socks. The idea of ​​decorating a house with such Christmas socks is an old tradition. Now we will tell you how to make such a Christmas socks with your own hands.

To do this you will need:

~ Sewing pattern (it can be taken on any sewing website)

~ Red felt or red suede

~ Cotton fabric

~ A glue of a temporary fixation

~ Cut-away stabilizer

~ Air-erase pen

~ Scotch tape

~ Thread and needle for manual sewing

~ Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Piggy of our pig embroidery designs collection

First, print out the pattern and attach it to the red fabric. Place it on the fabric so that from the edges of the pattern to the edge of the fabric was a distance of several inches. Pin the pattern with pins and stroke the outline with an erasable marker. Cut out the front of the sock.

Then print out the printed design pattern. You can find it in the archive. Attach to the pattern you made and transfer the axis direction lines and the center point.

Take the glue of temporary fixation and spray on the stabilizer. Glue the fabric on top and hoop it in the embroidery frame. Place hoop in the machine so that the needle is in the center of the embroidery that you have marked.

Embroider Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Piggy. After unhoop the fabric and remove the excess stabilizer residue.

Now prepare the backside of the red fabric, as well as the two parts of the lining between them from the chosen cotton fabric. This is done so that you can beautifully decorate the beveled edge of the sock. Sew two parts of the lining together. Then put the inside sewn together between the front and the underside.

Sew all four pieces so that the sock of red fabric is in the middle. Turn the red fabric out and wrap the edge of the sock. From a red fabric, sew an eyelet so that it is fashionable to hang a sock. A beautiful Christmas sock with a gorgeous pig is ready.

The second idea.

If you are looking for original postcards for the greetings of your loved people, we will tell you how to make it yourself.

To do this you will need:

~ Felt fabric (medium-density fabric is the best choice)

~ Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Piggy

~ Cut-away stabilizer

~ A glue of temporary fixation

~ Printed design template

~ Air-erase pen

~ Textile glue

~ Thick cardboard for postcards

Print out a paper design template. Attach it to the felt. Transfer the marks of the axes and the center point to the fabric using an air-erase pen. Then set aside the pattern. Take a glue of a temporary fixation, for example Gunold KK100, spray it onto the stabilizer and glue the fabric on top. Hoop the fabric together with the stabilizer, checking that the lines marked on the fabric coincide the marks on the embroidery frame. Place the embroidery frame in the machine so that the needle is in the center of the embroidery. Embroider this one of pig embroidery designs.

Then you need to cut the piggy near the edge and paste it to the postcard. In the middle of the card, you can cut letters out of felt, and make up various congratulations. For decoration, you can use different New Year decorative elements.

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